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What is it?

As a boat owner, we invite you to join our unique community, where you can exchange your boat(s) with other boat owners. With you on board or not. At the same time or different times. You are in control of the process!


How it works?

How to swap your boat in few easy steps

  1. Sign up for FREE and get UNLIMITED number of boat swaps. We will have to introduce a small annual membership fee to help us support the platform operations. But at the moment this is totally free for you to join and try it out for yourself!
  2. Tell us what you have. List your boat including boat specifications, a short description to showcase its best features and few photos to attract swaps.
  3. Once your personal profile and boat listing are set up you can browse other boats available for swapping in a dedicated search page. See what you like? Use our in-built messenger to start conversations with other boat swappers.
  4. Agreed on the swap? Easy to use booking form will allow you to quickly and securely to confirm your swap.


Different ways to swap?

Direct swap between boat owners

You go to their boat and they come to yours. You decide if you want to swap your boats at the same time or not. You decide if you want to swap your boat with you or without you on board and for how long

Swap FAQs

Boataffair Coins Swap

You do not need to host the same people whose’ boats you tried out. You do not need to match times and location for swaps. When you sign up to the swapping scheme you get Boataffair Coins. You can use Coins for this type of swap. Coins can be used anytime and anywhere. You will also earn Coins if somebody uses your boat, but you do not use theirs. Easy and flexible!

Coins Swap FAQs

Your benefits?

  • Experience new boats in new countries, and get to know new people. Make like-minded friends, and discover new amazing boating locations through the eyes of the locals. Authentic experiences which you will not find in any guide book.
  • Host guests on your boat in exchange, and show them what makes your boating location so exceptional. Be the creator of an authentic experience yourself.
  • No rental cost. No hassle finding a boat to rent. No bureaucracy. Just enjoy!
  • We put quality above all things: We are a Swiss company founded by husband and wife who are passionate boaters. We understand you and value you. We only offer true Swiss quality on our boutique platform.


Want to find out more or have a few questions?

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