Dufour 412 GL

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€419 per day
Captain / No Captain

This 12-meter yacht is an improved version of the Dufour Grand Large 410 model, one of the flagships in the range. This revamped design was conceived to incorporate functionalities usually reserved for larger yachts. The Dufour Grand Large 412 model's sophisticated design and equipment thought out down to the last detail makes it a winning yacht.

Compulsory All Inclusive Package (End-Cleaning, Gas, Berthing at Marinas, Dinghy, Towel Set, Bed Sheets, Baby&Kids Life Jackets, Dinghy & Outboard Engine): EUR 350
The Stand-Up Paddle Board is an extra and comes at €100 per week.

Minimum rental period is 3 days - please ask for special discounts via the Boataffair messenger!

Minimal rental period: week
Deposit: €1500

Boat specifications

Dufour 412 GL
Sailing Yacht
8/max 8


  • Anchor
  • Autopilot
  • BBQ
  • Bimini
  • CD Player
  • Chart plotter
  • Deck shower
  • Dinghy
  • Fridge
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Radio
  • Shower
  • Stand-up paddle board
  • Table
  • WC

Cancellation policy

All notifications or messages must be made in written form or text form.

If the Charteree is not an EU consumer, the Charteree shall be liable for all payments due to the Charterer prior to the date of withdrawal and which are outstanding as at the date of the withdrawal, provided that the Charteree acknowledges notice of withdrawal from this Agreement at any time, or gives notice of withdrawal prior to the commencement of the rental period. If the Charteree gives notice of withdrawal, or if the Charteree does not make a payment due under this Agreement after having given notice of withdrawal, the Charterer shall be obliged to treat this Agreement as if the Charteree had rejected it, and the Charterer shall be entitled to retain all sums received in full.

The following shall apply if the Charteree is an EU consumer subject to EU consumer law: If the Charteree issues the Charterer with written notification pertaining to its withdrawal from the charter more than twelve weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period, he/she shall not be liable for any outstanding portions of the rental price (and if this and/or the ancillary costs pre-payment for ongoing costs and/or the security deposit have already been paid, this amount and/or these amounts will be reimbursed). However, in this case the pre-payment of the rental price shall lapse, while it is the case that half of the pre-payment of the rental price shall be reimbursed if the Charterer is able to re-charter the yacht for the rental period for a sum at least equal to the rental price. In this case, the Charterer must make all reasonable efforts to re-charter the yacht.

If the Charteree provides the Charterer with notice of withdrawal from the charter within twelve weeks of the commencement of the rental period, the Charteree shall be liable for all payments due to the Charterer prior to the date of withdrawal and which remain outstanding as at the date of withdrawal, except in special cases. Please inquire.

If the Charterer issues the Charteree with notice of termination prior to the commencement of the rental period, the Charteree shall be entitled to a repayment of all sums paid to the Charterer, excluding interest.

Notwithstanding the right of the Charterer to receive or withhold any payments referred to in the above clauses, the Charterer is obliged to minimise its losses, and if the Charterer is able to re-charter the yacht for the entire rental period or a part thereof, the Charterer shall refund the net sum of the rental price arising from the new rental, after deduction of all commission fees and other consequential costs arising from the new rental. The intention is that the Charterer shall keep the same sum of net profit from the new rental that it would have received under this Agreement. The Charterer must make all reasonable efforts to re-charter the yacht, and it may not refuse to consent to the new rental without reasonable cause. However, it shall be the case that the Charterer may refuse a rental which could reasonably be viewed as detrimental to the yacht, its good reputation or schedule.

If the yacht has taken on stocks for the charter prior to the date of termination, the Charteree must reimburse these costs, unless they can be wholly or partially reimbursed by the supplier or transferred to the next rental. In this case these costs must be adjusted accordingly. The Charterer undertakes to reduce these costs as far as possible.

Boat insurance

Skipper & Security deposit insurance (3rd Party). Please ask us for insurance details anytime.

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