Boat rentals in The Costa Brava made easy with Boataffair. Experience the Costa Brava like never before and charter a yacht or rent a boat Boataffair. Enjoy authentic, one of a kind experiences from our local boat owners who will create a bespoke itinerary tailored just for you. Discover the breathtaking waters of the Balearic sea in style with Boataffair’s yachts to rent in The Costa Brava. Situated in the North East of Spain the Costa Brava is part of the Catalonia region of Spain. Home to comarques of Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and Selva in the province of Girona it is known for its beautiful climate, wide ranging landscapes, bountiful beaches and local gastronomy.  Charter a yacht in The Costa Brava and discover this welcoming country that is full of life and adventure.

Renting a boat in Palma, Mallorca is easy with Boataffair. Choose from our premium selection of boats to rent in Palma directly from the owners and embark on an exciting adventure. Whether it is a one day rental or something longer, our selection of boats to rent in Palma, Mallorca are the perfect way to discover this beautiful Spanish island. Choose to rent a boat or charter a yacht with or without captain and experience all the sights and sounds that this charming island has to offer. Boataffair’s community of local boat owners are experts in the area and help you to explore your interests and to create a bespoke itinerary tailor made just for you.

Rent a boat in Cagliari directly from the owner through Boataffair. Our unique peer-to-peer platform connects you directly with local boat owners in Cagliari. Choose from our selection of motor yachts, sailboats and speed boats to rent in Cagliari and embark on a beautiful adventure. Cagliari makes the perfect destination to start your journey and renting a boat in Cagliari is easy thanks to Boataffair. Simply choose the boat you wish to rent, choose your dates and go.  Create authentic experiences that will last a lifetime as our local community of boat owners assist you in enjoying a one of a kind itinerary tailored to your interests. Choose to rent a boat in Cagliari with or without a captain and set sail.

Charter a private yacht in Miami with Boataffair and experience another side to this fabulous city. Hire a boat or charter a private yacht with Boataffair’s peer to peer platform and discover the sights and sounds of Miami. Whether it is a day long hire or for longer, our selection of premium boats to hire in Miami with or without captain make an exciting and authentic experience that will be treasured a lifetime. Blessed with an exciting array of beaches, nightlife, secluded spots and a year round warm climate, Miami is one of the world’s most popular destinations to rent a boat. Discover Miami like never before with Boataffair.

Hire a boat in Portugal with Boataffair’s premium selection of motor yachts and sailing boats to discover the beautiful Portuguese coast and Atlantic Ocean. Discover the historic city of Lisbon and embark on an unforgettable boating holiday tailored just for your by our local boat owners. Boataffair’s community of boat owners in Lisbon are passionate, experienced and knowledgeable about all you need to know to charter a boat in Lisbon. Whether it is for a long weekend cruising the coast or a longer trip with Boataffair our peer-to-peer platform allows you to connect directly with local boat owners to create your once in a lifetime trip.

Rent a boat in Crete with Boataffair and discover this beautiful mediterranean gem in a tailor made escape just for you. Tradition and modernity meant in Crete as ancient villages intertwine with modern cities and glittering sandy beaches that give way to clear, turquoise waters. The beautiful Cretian coast is stepped in a tangible sense of history that permeates not only the land but the waters. Located in the Aegean Sea Crete is a premier destination for boat rentals and yacht charters thanks to its gorgeous landscapes, wonderful climate and fabulous weather. Crete makes the perfect destination to charter a yacht and explore the neighbouring greek islands in style. Charter a yacht or rent a boat in Crete directly from the owners with Boataffair and enjoy authentic, local experiences tailored just for you by our local boat owners.

Rent a boat in the Canary Islands with Boataffair and enjoy the freedom to explore the 7 islands that make up this stunning archipelago. Situated in the Atlantic ocean and to the North West of Africa, the Canary Islands have enchanted and delighted millions from across the world. Boat rentals in the Canary Islands and renting a boat in the Canary Islands are the best way to enjoy the year round warm climate, gorgeous waters and a variety of distinct and unique cultures. Comprising of La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma and Tenerife which consists of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote, belonging to the province of Las Palmas, the Canary Islands are known for being a popular destination with boat renters and those who wish to charter a yacht due to the ease of islands hopping, wealth of marinas and ports and variety of experiences. Our local boat owners will assist you in creating a one of a kind trip, completely tailored to your interests full of exciting, authentic local experiences that are not in any guide book.

Rent a boat or charter a yacht in Turkey with Boataffair and experience unforgettable beautiful turquoise waters, picturesque anchorage and inhabited small islands with spectacular sunsets. Discover the limitless possibilities of the Turkish riviera and neighbouring Dodecanese Greek islands from the historical port of Bodrum or Fethiye and embark on a holiday tailor made for you through Boataffair’s local boat owners and captains.

Rent a boat in Switzerland with Boataffair and enjoy spectacular experiences across some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Whether it is a day rental or longer, Boataffair’s selection of boats to rent in Switzerland allow you to discover the real Switzerland on water with our local guides and owners. Boataffair are proud to offer premium boat rentals to suit any budget or request in Lake Lucerne, Lake Zurich and Lake Geneva where our local owners and captains will create one of a kind, authentic experiences just for you. Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers the perfect break for families, couples and friends. Enjoy stunning natural beauty and modern, cosmopolitan cities with  historical sights all within the famous Swiss charm and welcoming nature of the country.

Full of culinary delights, historical sights and a rustic, rural charm Northern Spain offers a plethora of experiences for all. Rent a boat in Vigo with Boataffair and get to know the beautiful Galician coast and array of ports, coves and harbours in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Whilst not as well-known as Spain’s mediterranean sailing destinations, Vigo and Northern Spain offer an entirely unique experience with its deep blue sea, wild environment and rugged coastline. Boataffair’s local boat owners are passionate about sailing in the area and will assist you in creating a one of a kind trip that will create a lifetime of memories.  

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