Cruise to Anse Major

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Visit Anse Major on a day trip 

We start in marina on Eden Island, which is one of the most prominent private marinas in the world. Full of bars, restaurants and shops. Perfect spot to set off. The luxury catamaran is waiting for you at the pier.

Your skipper and cook are ready to welcome you and show you around the catamaran. Settle in, take a deep breath and relax with cocktail in your hand. We take you for the exciting one-day cruise full of attractions!


Anse Major is famous beach on the North West side of Mahé. The beach is part of the Baie Tarney Marine National Park and is overall part of the Morne Seychellois National Park. It is accessible only by boat, so with us you will have the unique opportunity to see its sand banks, with no other people or tourists around. Take the chance and explore its calm waters!

From € 650

10 1 Day
Visit a beach reachable only by sea
Available with 7 yachts
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Md 400 a01 l58
Md 400 l45 a01
Md 400 d04
Md 400 saba50 8
Md 400 brave cats leopard 48 2016 2
Md 400 leopard 48 sailing 33
Md 400 a07