7-Day Holiday: Our Suggested Route from Loutraki

Island Hopping

Following this route you will be sure to visit all of the lovely places surrounding our base in Loutraki

The reception of your yacht normally takes place from 18:00. Your check-in and familiarization with the yacht should take about 1.5 hours. If you arrive too early, you can take the time to have a drink in the café near the pontoon. Alternatively, you can go for a refreshing swim at the beach in Loutraki, during which you are welcome to leave your luggage safely in our base office. If you decide to go for a swim, we can also provide you with our onsite shower and changing facilities. We also suggest that you take a 10-minute bus or taxi ride to the charming hill-top village of Glossa, just above the harbour. At Glossa, you can enjoy a delicious meal, with a splendid view of Loutraki harbour and the seas where you will sail the next day. 

Depart in the south-eastern direction to go to the main town of Skopelos. On the way, we suggest that you stop for a swim in the bay of Panormos and/or Stafilos. Another 7nm from Stafilos, sailing round to the eastern end of the island, you will reach the port of Skopelos Town. The port is safe, providing lots of mooring spaces. Take care when there are strong winds, as it may be difficult to enter and exit the port. In Skopelos Town, you will find water, electricity, various small supermarkets and a large choice of restaurants and cafes.

Head for the south-eastern side of the island of Alonissos. Stop off for a swim at the bay of Mourtias. After sailing along the south-eastern side of Alonissos, spend a safe night in Steni Vala - a narrow bay with a choice of small cafes and restaurants. You can find water at the cafés and a small food market. Great care should be taken when approaching the quay, as the water is less than 2m deep and you are in danger of damaging the rudder. You should drop anchor as close as possible to the southern shore and slowly approach the northern side, paying attention to the quay and stopping the yacht at least 3m from the shore.

Make sure you have supplies (food, water, fuel) before heading for the uninhabited island of Kyra Panagia – Pelagonisi. Weather permitting, we suggest that you make a short stop to swim in the pirates’ caves. Once you reach the uninhabited island, you can either: spend the night in the southern bay, where there is a safe anchorage at the NW end of the bay (securing the yacht with a line from the shore); or, should the weather and sea conditions be suitable, sail to the north of the island for a safe anchorage in the bay of Planitis.

Head back towards the south-eastern side ofAlonissos. Sail between the islands of Alonissos and Peristera, stopping in the bay of Vasiliko. There is an interesting and safe spot to swim near the old shipwreck. In addition or alternatively, another great spot to swim is the bay of Milia, with its swimming-pool like waters. 2nm further south and you are at the port of Patitiri, where you will stay the night. It is a small harbour with few mooring places, so make sure you don’t get there too late. In the evening, we suggest that you visit the old town at the top of the hill, which is 5 minutes away by local bus. You will discover traditional houses, impressive views, a piano bar under the stars, and good food.

Head for the southern side of Skopelos. If you did not visit Stafilos (7nm) at the beginning of your holiday, you could stop there for a swim on your way to Skiathos island. Alternatively, stop for lunch in the bay of Agnondas. Great seafood can be found in the taverna on the beach. You then have another 11nm to reach the main town and port of Skiathos. You will need to reach the port before 17:00, in order to find a mooring place in the busy period (15/07-15/09). If not, you will have to anchor, taking care not to be too close to the flight path of planes landing at the airport. In Skiathos town, you will find water, electricity and fuel for the yacht, a large shopping and tourist market and numerous bars and restaurants.

Enjoy your last day, casually sailing and visiting the numerous southern beaches of Skiathos, such as Koukounaries and Banana, known for their golden sands, beach parties and famous visitors from political and cultural circles. Navigation is safe – except at Troulos. For a quieter spot, go for a swim at the little uninhabited island of Tsoungria. Sail back to Loutraki harbour in the evening, ready for your check-out the next morning.

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