3 Hour Trip on a Yacht in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates City & Landmarks

The Burj al Arab, one of the most iconic locations of the Middle East

Thanks to this 3 hour trip, you will be able to calmly visit Dubai's most famous landmarks on board a super yachts.

Starting from Dubai Marina, the first stop will be at the Sheik Palace. This is one of the oldest buildings of the city and was the home of numerous Sheikhs in the past. History and architecture melt together to create something truly special.

From there, the tour will take you to the Burj al Arab, the iconic sail-shaped hotel built on an artificial island. Since its completion this has immediately become one of the most known places in the world, due to the unique shape of the building and to the before-its-time architecture. Visit and admire the luxurious hotel from a super yacht, without fogetting to take pictures to make the moment unforgettable.

From € 597

20 3 Hours
3 Hour Tour
Available with 2 yachts
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