5 Hour Trip on a Yacht in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates City & Landmarks

From Dubai Marina to the Dubai Canal, this tour will show you all you need to see in Dubai

In just 5 hours this super yacht trip will take you to the Dubai Marina (where the tour will start), the Sheikh Palace, the Burj al Arab, Palm Island and the Dubai Canal. This is a truly fantastic tour, do not miss it.

The real highlight of the tour is the visit to the Dubai Canal. This artificial canal is home to hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and luxury villas. Opened in 2016, this area is a must-visit. Don't miss the possibility to admire this place, and don't forget to take lovely pictures.

From € 995

20 5 Hours
Dubai tour on luxury yacht
Available with 2 yachts
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Yacht options

Md 400 56ft  5
Md 400 52 feet   1