San Pietro Island

Around the Island

Fantastic trip visiting San Pietro Island, in the southwestern part of Sardinia

An island within an island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a wonderful part of the Ligurian land transplanted to the extreme South-West of Sardinia …. A day of sailing and the sea between the cliffs, coves and white sand beaches of the beautiful island of San Pietro.

Its position and natural wealth guarantees an unforgettable trip even in days of sirocco and mistral: just choose the right side, and … go!

In the absence of strong winds, the perfect lap, with several stops, is in a counterclockwise direction, with the following stages:

– Towards North – La Punta, Piana Island. 30 minutes

– Grotta del buco sul soffitto – Tacche Bianche. 30 minutes

– Grotta delle Oche and Punta delle Oche. 30 minutes

– Islet of Stea and cliffs of Nasca. 30 minutes

– Cala Vinagra

– Borrona, Cala Fico, the Orrido, Capo Sandalo

– La Caletta Beach

– The Mezza Luna and Conca

– Beach of Lucchese. Island Genio

– Le Colonne and the beach of Bobba.

– Beach of Guidi

– Secagno

– Marina Carloforte

Once back on the ground, the walk in the historical center of the town is a must, topped by a slice of focaccia and a drink on the waterfront, before a dinner made of local specialties (above all, do not miss the cascà of vegetables, bottarga and other products resulting from the processing of tuna, the capunadda).

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