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Along the Coast

Visit the hidden beauties of Sardinia's South-Western Coast

Easy and extremely attractive route from a naturalistic point of view, in the wildest coast of Sardinia. Recommended for those seeking a quiet holiday of nights at anchor, morning baths and evenings of good food: the choice is wide, you can opt for one of the restaurants on the beautiful promenade of Carloforte where you can taste typical dishes made with tuna and the famous Cascà, or select a few houses in the mountains of Teulada.

The noise of the city fades away after a few minutes, began the full nature contact. A cruise along the southwest of Sardinia, even in different periods than summer, gives genuine emotions, of fullness, the feeling of being pioneers in the discovery of an unknown area where rule the mistral. But that gives many shelters, natural and not also to the most prudent sailor.
The presence of two bases both in Cagliari and Carloforte allows you to choose at will the direction of the route, if the booking permits, can be organized in one way formula. The return will be organized with our support by land, private bus.

Cagliari – Nora: the natural bend of the Pula beach surmounted after setting the first Phoenician, then Punic and Roman reachable by tender (for a visit and find out more visit the website SardegnaCultura) worth a stop even at night, made possible by about 4 meters of depth.
The advice: the port of Perd’e Sali is currently covered up and not allowing entry even to the First 31.7, as well as to the catamaran.
Nora – Chia: the famous sand dunes, desert and dazzling contrast with the turquoise sea and the dark green patches of juniper that clings there. Begins the most fascinating stretch of the southern coast and pure. Can anchor in Cala Morto and to the west of the rocks of Su Giudeu.
The advice: the small intermediate landing of Calaverde has a maximum draft of 1.80 meters.
Chia – Teulada: at least a glance at Cala Cipolla (anchor 4 meters) introduces the imposing bulk of Capo Spartivento which, as the name implies, ensures the winds calm zone, before flowing in the beautiful Tuerredda. In front of the green dotted beach, stands the eponymous island separated from the coast by an isthmus barely submerged, also ideal for a night anchorage. Few clean and full navigation borders separate Tuerredda from Porto Malfatano (whose passage requires extreme caution due to the presence of shallow water areas) and the port of Teulada, new Marina entered in the gulf and equipped with every comfort. The distance with the country of Teulada (6 km) is remedied with the service …
Teulada – Porto Pino: rounding Cape Malfatano and reefed the mainsail in case of mistral, you enter the area of the military range, which in winter is a land of exercises (before leaving, you should contact the captaincy of S. Antioco) and where it is forbidden access to land. Limits, however, preserve the area from swimming, keeping it pristine and beautiful. Transparency and the aquamarine tones of the water of Porto Zafferano is like a postcard. The last of the South Coast: Capo Teulada faced, it is already on the Eastern Sardinia. Before addressing the smaller islands, Porto Pino also worth a night stop for its dunes topped by pine forests of Aleppo. Circumvented the Cala Lead shallow, you can throw anchor smoothly to 4-6 meters.
Porto Pino – Sant’Antioco: it lacks the tourist flow of Carloforte, but Sant’Antioco also worth a visit. Approached the Gulf of Palmas after Capo Sperone, extreme southern tip of the island of Sant’Antioco (actually connected to the mainland by an isthmus so wide as to be also accessible by car in both _ directions) you ascend along the eastern side, towards the Porto Romano. Unless the weather conditions are not so favorable to tickle detour south to the islands of Vacca and Toro for a quick bath. In the opposite direction, on the northern tip of Sant’Antioco it is the town of Calasetta, equipped with small port.
Sant’Antioco – Carloforte: Few borders separating Sant’Antioco from the island of San Pietro and its only town Carloforte, the starting point for a wonderful daily itinerary.
Carloforte – Buggerru (18 miles): refueling at the the fishing port (the input is to be tackled with caution and taking the center for the sloping down of the extremes dike), it shall head towards the east coast, rocky, majestic and full of history. After the long Funtanamare beach, it land at the steep cliffs of Nebida where embeds Porto Flavia, striking spike access to old mining area that in the early decades of the twentieth century produced coal. Navigation proceeds rapidly towards Pan di Zucchero, along perforated stacks to cover by tender in every direction, leaving the boat at anchor with no worries (the bottom is high and sandy). You can spend the night at anchor in the beautiful fjord of Cala Domestica, completely sheltered from the Mistral. Rich choice of shore excursions
The advice: the port of Buggerru is currently covered up, before leaving to be realized ensure incoming weather conditions, as not to be blocked halfway. If mistral, navigation is only advisable if very experienced. The closest shelters are the fjord of Cala Domestica and the port of Tharros, 33 miles away however.

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