Egadi Islands

91025 Marsala, Province of Trapani, Italy Around the Island

Water, sea and tradition

‚ÄčLike many sailors in love head over heels with the Aeolian, I always considered the Egadi island as the lesser cousin, as an english peer would consider his second son. I was wrong. Even the Sicilians cannot mess things up so badly to spoil this place and a cruise to Favignana and Marettimo stands high in the list of places to go. Very high in the best of places where to eat. 
The archipelago of the Egadi is located at the western end of Sicily, a few miles from Trapani, and is made up of the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Maritime, 'Formica" islet and the rock of Maraone.


These islands set in beautiful crystal clear waters, offer the visitor with a series of stunning bays, natural pools perfect for swimming and snorkeling and traditional fishing villages where the time seems to stand still, these islands are able to rediscover the visitor smells and flavors that seemed forgotten.
However, there are also cultural attractions: the former Florio, the largest maritime museum in Europe (Favignana), to the Grotta del Genovese (Levanzo), the largest complex of parietal figures of our country, dating back to paleolitico- Neolithic. For those who like a pinch mountain, Marettimo offers hiking trails. There are also numerous excursions to the Egadi suitable for everyone: the visit of the underground gardens (Favignana), climbing donkey atop Mount St. Catherine (Favignana), and much more. Aegadian will no doubt be able to rediscover the visitor the pleasure of simple things and of nature, sometimes leaving you breathless with their beauty.
In order to preserve the natural beauty of the archipelago, it has recently established the Marine Protected Area Aegadian, the largest marine reserve in Europe. This unfortunately if appreciable one hand but creates many problems in terms of permits to those who choose to visit the islands by boat.

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