Napoli and Amalfi Coast

Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy Along the Coast

Ischia, Capri and Ponza

Certainly its worldwide one of the most known places of Italy. Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. In the collective consciousness it calls to mind mediterranean happy and pittoresque mood. With our catamarans we will reach each island and coastal location, if possible further north to Ventotene and Ponza, or south to the less known coastal Cilento locations of Palinuro and Marina di Camerota.

In the Gulf of Napoli the view to Vesuvio volcano is amazing: by night Napoli is literally a light show. Ischia is the largest isle with its nice beaches and thermal sources. Procida is an unique pittoresque stay. Capri is obviously the star: Grotta Azzurra and  Faraglioni are the top sites.

Many bays are wounderful anchorages: the villages on the coast are very typical with their churges, flowers and spice lemon trees. In the evening, after a sunny day, its nice to go on land to visit the colored atmosphere in the tiny streets of Positano, Capri and Ischia. Famous boutiques, art galleries, small shops with the rich handcrafts of the  Regione Campania. Furthermore restaurantes and pizzeria, life music, local singers with their classic napoletanian repertoir.

We will wait her guests either in marinas or on anchor. After a relaxed night we will start to the next special place. On discover Furore Bay where very courages people, from all over the world, jump from a huge rock into the sea. Amalfi, one of the four historic Repubbliche Marinare, wellcomes with the unique view on the Cathedral staircase.

Not far away is Ravello known of r its breath-taking panorama on the sea.
From our headquarter in Marina di Stabia there are only few km to the Archeological Park of Pompei.

Last but not least, we remember that in this area of Italy is one of the most present star restaurantes.

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