Sailing Cruise along the Southern Coast of Britain

Nieuwpoort, Belgium Along the Coast

We take you for an unforgettable cruise along the Southern British coast for 5 to 7 days, starting in Nieuwpoort. Taking into account your sailing experience you can take the sailing yacht out yourself or we can provide an experienced skipper.

First you can sail to Dunkerque, in between the many sandbanks around the Zuydcoote Pas. You will pass the 'traffic Lane' towards Dover. Those who like a little history will visit Dover Castle. Really a must.

20 miles to the east you visit Ramsgate, typical Britain. It is charming in a strange way. When you have time, you can make a journey by train to Canterbury. You sail north to Harwich, where the River Orwell leads you to Ipswich along romantic green hills. Navigating in this area is a real challenge. Have a nice walk from Woolverstone Marina to the 'Butt and Oyster', a famous inn in Pin Mill. Taste the marvelous shrimps.

Weather and climate: Wind and sea change every day, but mostly moderate from May until October.

From € 1'900

6 5 Days
Visit Dover and Dunkirk
Available with 14 yachts
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Yacht options

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