Elba Island

Tuscany, Italy Around the Island

Very close to the Tuscan coast is Elba Island, an amazing location full of magical spots


The harbor of Capraia Island is a tourist Marina that can accommodate up to 99 boats, in summer season is suggest to prebook. Bars, restaurants and some shops make it the center of the summer walking during the evening and the night, animated by a lot of crews and tourists in general.
The shores of the islands, gently sloping towards the sea, offer the possibility to bathe even in shallow waters, sometimes from the sandy and clear bottom.
Only a sandy beach, Cala della Mortola, can only be reached by boat; the other coves are all in rock or in reefs.
Do not miss a stop at Cala Rossa.

Marciana Marina

Leave Capraia to the Elba Island; you will head to Marciana Marina, where is located one of the safest and most equipped tourist ports on the island.
Beautiful promenade on the waterfront that from Cotone (ancient natural shelter for boats) leads on the Saracens Tower built in the 12th century from Pisans to the sighting of pirates.
The country is charming with its historic narrow streets and squares, there are many shops and restaurants.
Its beaches: Fenicia is behind Saracens Tower, and Crocetta at about 600 mt. from the country, both are gravel.

Punto Fetovaia

Through one of the most suggestive stretches of Elban coast, you reach Fetovaia.
The promontory looks like a rocky finger that seems to indicate the route to the southern islands of the Archipelago. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Elba Island. Granite sand, big grain, slipping away.

Marina di Campo

Once you arrive in Marina di Campo, you will find a village in the right side of the beach.
In the center is the ancient fishing village, the small harbor, colorful and picturesque houses, all dominated by the Pisana tower, which was used for sighting.
The village has a beautiful promenade along the waterfront and is famous as nightly meeting.
Marina di Campo’s beach is the largest on the island, begins in the country and stretches for 1500 mt until arrive to La Foce. Despite in Marina di Campo there is a quay, it isn’t allow berth at the transit, so you have to stay at anchor.

Porto Azzurro

Porto Azzurro, located in the deep bay of the Gulf of Mola. It has a good Marina, a beautiful square on the sea (evening meeting point) and picturesque streets, where there are shops, bars, restaurants and in the evening, handicraft stalls. In the village there is a small beach, the others are nearby.

Porto Ferraio

It is the main port of the island and one of the most active tourist ports in Italy.
Chief town of Elba, owes its importance to the beautiful natural harbor.
It is full of history, already you arrive with the boat you can admire the imposing Medici fortifications mastering the Bay: Forte Falcone, Forte Stella (recognizable by the lighthouse) and the Linguella Tower (at the entrance of the dock), all erected in 15th century in defense of the continue attacks by pirates. Beautiful walk from the Marina leads inside the wall of the historic center.
Portoferraio has about 13000 inhabitants and offers a lot of services both in commerce and in culture. On the western side of the village, there are some white pebble beaches that emphasize the clarity of the sea.

Golfo di Baratti

Coming back to Castiglioncello, obligatory stop is the beautiful Gulf of Baratti.
The creek is characterized by a sandy beach, more extensive in the central-northern part of the gulf, which tends to shrink dramatically towards the southern end of the Baratti harbor. The sea-bottoms are low, while the sandy shore is characterized by both golden and amber colors, and by the presence of iron slags, residues from the processing of the above-mentioned metal during the Etruscan period. The area is covered with archaeological remain from the Etruscan period.

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