Maddalena Archipelago

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Between Corsica and Sardinia is located the Maddalena Archipelago, a place of undescrivable beauty

Isola di Spargi

Sitting to the south-west of the island of La Maddalena, Spargi presents several little coves bathed in transparent waters, including Cala Corsara, one of the most beautiful, from where sailing along the eastern coast it is all a procession of inlets (Cala Soraja, Cala Granara, Cala Conneri, Cala Canniccio, Cala Petranera) until coming to Cala Grano, where you can moor and go ashore to follow a trail that quickly leads to the fortifications of Punta Zanotto. Around a mile to the north of Punta Zanotto is the Washington rock, an attraction for underwater diving enthusiasts.


Starting from Spargi in the direction of Bonifacio, in a few miles you will be in the Bouches. The sailing time is amazing, pay attention to the various reefs (reported) in the area, especially when you pass near Lavezzi. Impressive white cliffs on which the town is lying, and spectacular is the entrance to the harbor. We recommend a visit to the Rock (the old town) and a dinner at one of the restaurants in the marina, where you can find plates for al tastes and budgets.


Leaving Bonifacio you will head towards the south-west coast of Corsica at Roccapina. You will be impressed by the beauty of this bay. The green hills embrace a finely sandy beach and one of the clearest seas on the island with rocky bottoms and a wide and rich underwater life and especially known for sea urchins. The hill behind it is as famous as the beach. In fact, it is dominated by the Rock of the Lion, shaped by the wind with the forms of the king of the animals, guardian of this wonderful desert.

Isola Piana

You can not miss a stop on Isola Piana, thirty minute sailing from Bonificio to the archipelago of Maddalena.
From Punta Sperone, you can reach Isola Piana through a wonderful walking on the water during the low tide.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena, the administrative centre of the archipelago of the same name is a small town, criss-crossed by the carrugi, the Genoese name of its narrow lanes, that climb the hill above Cala Gavetta, the historic port around which all habitation has developed. In the city you can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and pizzerias. If you want to spend the night here it is best to book, especially in the July and August periods. The island is dotted with numerous beaches: Spalmetore, to the north east, where you can moor to a buoy; Cala Francese, a cove sheltered from the wind, actually behind Cala Gavetta. Another tourist port is Porto Massimo, in the northern part of the island.


This is a lovely bay, actually behind the marina of Porto Cervo. It is sheltered from the Mistral, the prevailing wind in the area, due to which, on windy days, it can get crowded. The surrounding countryside is fabulous: two beautiful white sand beaches crown the bay and in the surrounding hills, the villas of the Costa Smeralda are visible, with their lush gardens.
Within an hour’s sailing are Portisco and the Gulf of Cugnana.

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