Team Building on a Sailing Boat

Fezzano, Italy Team Building & Corporate

A boat is like a company, so learning to cooperate on board teaches the same skills necessary to have a strong company

The use of sports in education has become more popular from year to year. Some team sports such as sailing can become effective in term of outdoor training, as a simulation of teambuilding and teamworking .

Motivation, enthusiasm , teaming , focus on results are the elements that make the difference between success and failure both in company and sports.

The winning team is the one led by a united group working together towards a goal ; where the roles are defined and the communication is effective ;

It is where the leader knows how to bring out the best from each, motivating and coordinating them to achieve results .

Develop these skills in a new, exciting and fun way is the goal of our projects, where theory and practice come together in a unique training program.

The goal is to create a working team with high potential , knowing the capacity of its staff, by identifying the elements of success of the winning teams, improving the group atmosphere and developing a strong sense of belonging. The key to success is being able to turn a simple group in a winning and motivated team.

There are many similarities between a company and a sailboat : both have a goal, following a plan, using tactics and strategies , relying on the ability of its crew or its employees.

These objectives and issues are analyzed in situations extremely engaging , adventurous and different from the usual , that will remain etched in the memory of all the team members.

Our projects can be made ​​in different Italian locations , from Lake ( Lake Maggiore ) to Sea ( Liguria ) .

The period from March to November ensures favorable climatic conditions .

According to customer needs and organizational requirements , we identify a wide range of different locations since we selected and tested ones that fully meet your needs, guaranteeing the maximum quality of service. 


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Team Building on a Yacht
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