Ultimate Big Fat Greek Adventure

Athens, Greece Extra Specials

This unique experience has been created as a result of the trip undertaken by Boataffair clients. It has a perfect combination of everything you want on a sailing trip. Calm waters of the Saronic Gulf for a relaxed sailing, visiting uninhibited islands and deserted beaches, sleeping on the free anchor under the stars, diving into the turquoise water from the yacht, exploring historical ancient Greek sites and sampling delicious traditional dishes with most breath-taking views. Not to mention some dancing the night away when berthed in the port for the night.


Many people take traditional routes and visit well-known islands when cruising the Greek waters. BUT with over 6000 islands, Greece has so much more to offer and to explore. If you like an adventure like no other, this experience is for you. An international group of ladies together with me, skipper and boat owner have created this experience as we went cruising. It was such a massive success, that I have now decided to offer this experience separately. 


Here is what an itinerary will look like:


Day 1: Alimos - Poros island. You embark in Athens largest marina - Alimos and set course to Poros Island. As you sail into the sunset the view is simply breath-taking. The first night is spent docked in the quaint little harbour in Poros Island (do not mix it with Paros island). Next morning a short trip up to the Poseidon Sanctuary for the most stunning view and historical ruins with unbelievable energy and serenity.




Day 2: Poros - Ermioni. In between, we stop at the uninhabited islet of Dokos (near Ermioni and Hydra).  Sailing to Ermioni with a stopover for some swimming and diving off the boat into unbelievably clear waters. Refreshed and invigorated after the swimming and sunbathing session on the yacht off to Ermioni. Evening in Ermioni is special – the island is beautiful with vibrant colours of houses and flowers. Dinner at the restaurant with the picture-perfect view of the harbour, sea, island and the sunset. Dancing in the local tavern afterwards made it very traditional and very fun. The night is spent on the boat in the harbour.




Day 3: Ermioni - Spetses for a small stop. Then free anchor on Hinitsa (where the recent photo was shot). Departing from Ermioni for a short trip to the Island of Spetses. Trailing small streets, exploring little local shops and sipping coffee on the beach. To have a truly “Free” experience, you will spend a night at the free anchor – very different from being in the harbour.




Day 4: Hinitsa - Hydra (the historic port where we dined in that taverna) You wake up to a beautiful sunrise in undisturbed waters and go straight in for the morning swim! Peace, silence and beautiful views. After breakfast, you start sailing again to the quaint little islands of Hydra. The unique feature of the island is that it has no motorised vehicles. Locals and tourists travel around by foot or by donkey. You will not find a motorbike let alone a car. An evening spent over a delicious dinner with local delicacies and a glass of chilled wine. You can jump in for a late night swim under the stars too before returning to the boat for a night in the harbour.


Day 5: Hydra - Epidavros (visit to the ancient Theater) Next day, you set off to the small island of Epidavros. There, a 20-minute taxi ride will take you to an ancient theatre. The atmosphere is magnetic in the theatre, it’s not like any other ancient site. It is considered to be the most perfect ancient Greek places with regards to acoustics and aesthetics. 



Day 6: Epidavros - Aegina, stop to climb to the ancient Temple of Athena. Then we continued to Cape Sounion. We are off to a really small Island of Aegina to climb up to the ancient Temple of Athena. You are most likely to anchor the boat near the harbour and take a dinghy to the shore. A fun on its own! The Temple is at the very top of the mountain and the view is to die for. After exploring a well-preserved temple full of powerful feminine energy, you can relax in a nearby café with a cold frappe or a glass of crisp white wine. Back to the boat and off to famous Sounion. Arriving after the sunset you will see a Temple of Poseidon lit up beautifully on a horizon. Being on a free anchor for the night guarantees the late night or early morning swim off the boat.



Day 7: In the morning climb to the Temple of Poseidon. One of the very famous sites and the beautiful turquoise waters underneath you will be enchanted. Some diving off the boat in turquoise waters and the afternoon sail back to Alimos marina in Athens. Disembarkation next morning. 



Pure joy! Clients who designed this experience with me (a skipper) have chartered a Catamaran Lagoon 450 Fly, but it can be enjoyed with a number of sailing yachts offered below. This itinerary can be further modified to suit your tastes and preferences! Just drop me a message!


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