Wine and Dine - charming local restaurants in hidden bays of Croatia

Port of Torgir, Croatia Gourmet Wine & Dine

Central Dalmatia coast and islands have all what anyone needs for spending a good time during the charter week in Croatia. No doubt  that you will be pleased with great weather and warm clear sea. Furthermore at any place you stop with the boat in Dalmatia you will meet friendly people and the region  will charm you with its vibrant islands and beautiful historic cities. And of course everyone knows Dalmatian freshest seafood and gorgeous wines. Here is the suggestion of local restaurants in the area.

Krknjaši Blue Lagoon

The lagoon’s calm, crystal clear waters are a great place for a peaceful swim or an exploration with a kayak, kneeboard or SUP. There is a small restaurant nestled into the trees on Drvenik, called Dalmatian tavern that serves simple, but very tasty seafood dishes. It is accessible by dinghy at the north end of the lagoon.

Bay Sesula island Šolta

The restaurant "ŠIŠMIŠ" is situated in the beautiful natural bay Sesula, on the Island Solta, close to the harbour Maslinica. It is surrounded with idyllic Mediterranean nature and breathtaking vision of the Bay. Here you can enjoy the privacy and authentic delicacies as well as taste great Croatia wines from a carefully chosen wine list. The restaurant offers a free berth below the restaurant for a direct approach from the sea. We recommend earlier reservation in high season to ensure your table for the day.

Lučice bay island Brač

Lučice bay is beautiful and well protected natural bay, located on the south-west side of the island Brač. The restaurant overlooks the bay of Lucice and it has  32 buoys available. The food is rustic but excellent, especially the freshly caught fish. The amazing location and relaxed atmosphere are what makes this place special as well as the magical sunset that you can enjoy from the terrace.

Veli Porat-island Ščedro

 This 100% solar powered restaurant is situated in an untouched environment of Ščedro island and it's the best place to relax, enjoy the sun and get good local food and cool drinks close to the vibrant and popular city of Hvar. There you can find a wide selection of high-quality fish, lobster and langoustines which you can choose directly out from seawater tank as well as meat dishes and local wines. The restaurant is situated directly on the beach.

 Fish restaurant -Veprinova bay island Hvar  

Charming family-run restaurant situated in a beautiful beach in very authentic and natural surroundings in the southern part of the island below the village of Gdinj. If you are looking for a quiet corner of the island, far from the city noise and crowds this is the ideal place.

 Restaurant Maestral - Island Mljet 

This family restaurant, now in the third generation, is located on the opposite southern shore 10 minutes on foot from the pier  A . 10 yachts can tie up to the moorings and there are 2 buoys in the bay.  The restaurant is famous for its brodetto with scorpion fish,  mussels from Sobra and, peka dishes that are only available if you phone ahead (lamb or octopus slow-cooked for hours under hot coals). You can watch your food being prepared in the rustic open oven, tables ranged around the elevated vantage point of a roof terrace, providing far-reaching views of Okuklje Bay as you dine.



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