The Atlantic Ocean Awaits

Canary Islands Learn to Sail

Train in the Canaries. The surrounding islands are an unrivaled location offering fantastic conditions all year round. Sun, a good breeze and warm water make the Canaries a perfect place to improve your sailing skills and the ideal destination for a sailing holiday.

We know that the winter months in North Europe can be a challenge to sail in, that's why we have certified 3 of our yachts to be used for training under the German Sailing Association. This is the RYA equivalent of yacht coding to ensure that every trainee has every piece of equipment needed to pass their courses.

Master Class

We know the importance of refresher courses, that's why we have teamed up with a RYA Training Center, Atlantic Sailing in Marina Lanzarote. They offer a unique opportunity for you to receive tuition on board one of our yachts. Tuition can be for one day of your charter or for the entire duration. Personal tutoring or a Master Class for the entire crew, you decide.

Your typical Master Class: 

9 am: A morning briefing awaits from your RYA Instructor

10 am: Cast off and practice your manoeuvres in the Marina

12 pm: Time to shake out the sails

1 pm: Lunch time in the Marina

2 pm: Man over board drills

4 pm: Leave your instructor at the pontoon, the yacht is now yours


From € 352

8 1 Day
Learn or practice sailing
Available with 14 yachts
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