Paddling a canoe in the emerald waters of Sardinia

Porto Massimo OT, Italien Water Sports Adventures

Paddling a canoe in the emerald waters of Sardinia… The charm of anchoring out of Porto Massimo

Xl 1200 exp sar paddleboard 2

Completely unwind and switch off. Experience and touch Sardinia's emerald waters while floating right over them. Its just the water and you.

After finding your favourite spot on your yacht, you will be able to drop your anchor. Now, the fun starts. You can start by swimming in the amazing water. This will be fantastic. From there, we can drop the kayaks and you can start your adventure. Visit the amazing beaches and paddle through the boats. It will be very relaxing and beautiful. After that, you can stay on the yacht for some time to relax from your adventure.

From € 93

4 1 Day
Kayak in Sardinia
Available with 19 yachts
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Yacht options

Md 400 main 820x540
Md 400 dsc 0118 820x540
Md 400 dsc 0185 820x540
Md 400 mr medium 820x540
Md 400 exterior 8 820x540
Md 400 dsc 1071 820x540
Md 400 dsc 1553 820x540
Md 400 fr medium 820x540
Md 400 el exterior 11 820x540
Md 400 dsc 9707 820x540
Md 400 andreana d460 low 820x540