Private Island of Molara

Molara, Italien Stunning Nature

Explore the unique private island of Molara, with some of the most spectacular views Sardinia has to offer.

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Molara is a granitic island off the north-east coast of Sardinia. It’s private and owned by a local family living on the Sardinian mainland. A basic dock allows to stop at Cala del Pastore, where there is a little sandy beach and an old house. The landscape is stunning: little coves with colourful water, rocks and boulders shaped by the wind and some hills that offer incredible views over the sea and the impressive silhouette of Tavolara. This chance to have such a view is part of the fascination of Molara island. This is a truly fantastic experience, one that you will never forget. Don't forget to take your camera and take a lot of pictures, you won't regret it.

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Explore the Island of Molara
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