Bocche di Bonifacio - Strait of Bonifacio

Straße von Bonifacio Around the Island

Sailing in the famous strait between Sardinia and Corsica offers unforgettable emotions.

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There could be no better way to admire this authentic masterpiece of nature than from a beautiful sailing or motor yacht. The Strait of Bonifacio, which separates the Thyrrhenian Sea from the western Mediterranean Sea, was named after the Corsican town Bonifacio. Its maximum depth is 100 metres. It offers absolutely stunning views, with the natural park of Maddalena Archipelago on one and the wild Corsica on the other side.

This is a fantastic idea for a sailing trip. The beauty of this place is even more increased by the fact that you will be staying on a lovely yacht, relaxing on the bridge and stopping in the most beautiful locations for a swim.

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