Start your Adventures in the Canaries with diving

Canary Islands Snorkelling & Diving

The Canaries are full of adventures. Diving can be done throughout the whole year and you can explore the beauty of the deep sea! 

No matter how far inland you live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide. It’s deep. It’s blue. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land. Okay, so you probably don’t have our own private yacht waiting to spirit you away to distant shores. But we do. Plenty of them. Climb aboard and start your adventure in the Canary Islands. 

Free Diving

Freediving is an incredible sport. It's completely natural, humans have been diving with their breath held for thousands of years, be it for food, treasure or pleasure. The Canaries offers fantastic diving sites for the beginners and the enthusiasts and what better way to discover the depths than having your own private yacht.



From €352

8 1 Day
See the fish in the crystal waters
Available with 13 yachts
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Yacht options

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Md 400 django 2 1200x675 q70
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