Surfing all year round in the Canaries

Canary Islands Water Sports Adventures

Whether it is wind surfing, kite surfing, body boarding or just body surfing, the Canaries is a spectacular place to enjoy the surf.

No matter how far inland you live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide. It’s deep. It’s blue. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land.

Okay, so you probably don’t have our own private yacht waiting to spirit you away to distant shores. But we do. Plenty of ‘em. Climb aboard and start your adventure in the Canary Islands.

Chartering your own yacht allows you the freedom to move around the islands and find the perfect wave. 

From € 352

8 1 Day
Have fun kite surfing
Available with 13 yachts
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Yacht options

Md 400 camino 14 1200x675 q70
Md 400 bavaria cruiser 46 08
Md 400 bavaria cruiser 37 pic1
Md 400 bavaria cruiser 46 01
Md 400 dufour382grandlarge3cab 2head pic2
Md 400 untitled
Md 400 don carlos 1 1200x675 q70
Md 400 bavariacruiser56 pic2