Snorkelling in the Atlantic Ocean

Canary Islands Snorkelling & Diving

The Canaries is a fantastic place to Snorkel and with a yacht, you can reach the most remote reefs throughout the islands.

The Canary Current keeps the water temperature between 19 & 24 degrees year round making it ideal for sea life of all sizes including the endangered Angel Shark.

With many islands, coves and places to each by yacht, snorkelling in the Atlantic Ocean around the Canary Islands is full of adventure and mesmerising sea life to see and meet. 


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See the fish in the crystal waters
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Md 400 1927840427202030 lava099 mitm7368 jamesmitchell preview
Md 400 1931960427202030 lava071 mitm7097 jamesmitchell preview
Md 400 1932310427202030 lava069 mitm7095 jamesmitchell preview
Md 400 django 2 1200x675 q70
Md 400 m71 8174 preview
Md 400 tortuga 6 1200x675 q70
Md 400 tinto stern 1 1200x675 q70
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Md 400 don carlos 1 1200x675 q70
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