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Visit the must-see islands in Thailand, you cannot miss this

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Since the movie “The Beach” in 1999 with Di Caprio it has become the most popular destination around Phuket.

An absolutely stunning group of islands located 30NM south east of Phuket. It can take from 1hr to 2hr depending on sea conditions so definitely requires a full day. Plenty of things to see like monkey beach, maya bay, pileh lagoon, snorkeling at loh Sama Bay, Viking cave and a last stop at the beautiful Bamboo island.

Most our customers love to stop at Zeavola resort beach restaurant for lunch – a luxury resort with a private hidden beach only reachable via boat.

Phi phi islands is another one on the “to do list” of Phuket.

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8 1 Day
Explore the beautiful Phi Phi Islands
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