Yacht Haven Marina Phuket, Thailand Island Hopping

Less crowds but equally beautiful, this archipelago is perfect for relaxing and snorkelling

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Not as popular as James Bond and Phi Phi, but has a great combination of emerald and clear waters to enjoy some snorkeling.

Much less famous, but it has an incredibly stunning small archipelago of lime karsts stone islands too.

One of them, Koh Hong, named after its secret lagoon which can be accessed by boat during high tide, is known to be one of the nicest islands in Thailand.

You will enjoy the amazing landscapes offered by the islands and the fantastic water. The fact that the islands are less known makes them less crowded, allowing you to have more privacy to spend your day with friends and family.

From € 630

8 1 Day
Relax in the beautiful Krabi Islands
Available with 20 yachts
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