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Guadeloupe Mind & Body

Come spend some time with us on our beautiful catamaran to relax and get away from the stress

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Do you feel you want to get away for a while? Away from the rush, the stress, your daily routine? Do you feel you want something different in your life, you want to change it and want some guidance? Do you feel you need some peace and quiet? 

Just come over and live with us for a while. 

We want to offer a space where you can relax, feel at home and have the time to connect again with your heart and intuition.

We love to guide you on this journey in your life. 

We love connecting with you on a deeper level, sharing and talking about what is going on inside you, inside us. 

Being pure, open and vulnerable with each other. 

You will have a lot of time to focus on yourself, becoming more and more aware of yourself. Your emotions, thoughts, doubts, fears. Your talents, dreams, and passions. 

Nature will help you to connect again with your own peaceful and loving energy. Being completely surrounded by nature, living on the rhythm of the sun, the wind, the ocean, works like magic and helps you to get back in touch with who you really are :-)! 

We don't have a strict planning. Everything is open, not only the sailing, also about coaching. If you want some intensive coaching, it is possible! If you want to feel day by day what you need, it is possible too. We love to be open and pure about it, sharing with each other what we need and how we feel. So everyone can be his or her unique self and we make this wonderful journey together :-)! 

You will be part of the family and help out where you can. This can be daily tasks like cooking, doing the dishes, helping with sailing or something completely different. If you have other ideas or talents you want to share with us, let us know, we are curious about it :-)!

We love you and are here for you

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From € 179

9 1 day
Available with 1 yacht
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