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A quick 45minute steam across the Caicos Banks and you’ll find yourself in West Caicos! This small island is just 11 square miles but full of history, wildlife and opportunities for some real adventure. Ideas for your day on West include heart pumping cliff jumping at Delvin’s Cove and a number of great snorkel spots.

A short walk inland to Yankee Town reveals an antique steam engine hidden amongst wild cotton and the protected 500 acre Lake Catherine which often boasts roseate flamingos, turtles and other wildlife. Enjoy lunch on board the boat or at a secluded beach cove.

Cruise around to the south side of the island for some excellent beach combing, shipwrecks along the shores for a little circumnavigation of the island.

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10 4 Hours
History, wildlife and adventures
Available with 3 yachts
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