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French Cay

Turks & Caicos

Fun Across the Caicos Banks.

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French Cay is a national bird sanctuary located just 18 miles off the south side of Provo. This tiny 22 acre cay is packed with great snorkeling, secluded beaches and a wide array of birdlife and fantastic beach combing opportunities. Start your day in the water exploring the rocky south side of the island which boasts spectacular coral reefs and shipwrecks. Stop for lunch on the sandy beaches on the north side and comb the beach for treasures.

Also rich in history, French Cay is rumoured to have been inhabited by French pirates in the 1800s as a lookout point across the Caicos Banks. The island is now a nesting area for a number of local bird species, perhaps a popular spot due to the cactus fields in the centre of the island.

This tour is available for 4 hours, 6 hours or a full day. Do inquire about the pricing per tour.

From 1900
4 Hours
Visit French Cay
Available with 3 yachts
Fishing Gear
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Intrepid 377

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11.5m length
12 max
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16 max
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Viking 50

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