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In addition to snorkeling, we offer a variety of water equipment to lease, like double and single kayaks, or the very popular paddle boards which are perfect for a visit in the mangroves' shallow water areas and the sand banks emerging at low tide.

The Bahamas are also known as a top destination for fishing enthusiasts. You can catch just about all year long: tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, grouper, snapper, mackerel, crawfish and crab. Just get your fishing rod ready, throw the line in the water and today's menu will become a unique gourmet experience. If you don't have your fishing equipment, you can lease from us everything you need to transform your cruise into a “miraculous fishing expedition”. Note that all of our boats have fishing license from the Bahamas and valid all year long. 

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Md 400 2
Md 400 lagoon 63my anchoring 2
Md 400 l50 anchoring
Md 400 halia transom
Md 400 galaxy side
Md 400 delphi anchoring
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Md 400 mahalo starboard
Md 400 bali 4.1 stern
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Md 400 helios anchoring
Md 400 lion of the sea docking
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Md 400 lady gaby docking
Md 400 blue butterfly anchor
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