Cruising the Great Gulf of Olbia

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One of the greatest gulfs of the Island, the gulf of Olbia is truly fantastic

Olbia is in the northeastern coast of Sardinia, well known for the port of Olbia and the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

This gulf is one of the largest natural bays of the Mediterranean where one can find many shipyards suitable for multiple types of vessels. The gulf is bounded on the north by Capo Figari and south from Capo Ceraso and the island of Tavolara.

After renting the boat at our Portisco office, head to the east and there you will find Capo Figari, an imposing rocky promontory where diving enthusiasts can find in colourful backdrops numerous fish of all species. At the foot of the promontory is the bay of Cala Moresca, sheltered from the winds from the north to the south and protected from the Island of Figarolo, and a suitable place for snorkelling. What a great place also to spend a night at anchor.

This cove offers a great sandy bottom and good shelter from all winds except the Sirocco (southeast). From Cala Moresca beach you can reach the promontory of Capo Figari, which is popular for hiking due to its points of historical and environmental interests. It is especially impressive up at the top, where you can see the lights of the Navy; go and let yourself be enchanted by the breath-taking view!

If you prefer somewhere quieter you can visit Golfo Aranci: this town offers numerous excellent restaurants famous for their fish-based dishes. It is located in a large bay with many beaches that offer excellent anchorages on the sandy seabed and is very recommended for small children due to the presence of shallow water for hundreds of meters. If you're staying for the night we recommend to go ashore for a short visit; you will be amazed by the many different events.

Following the coast to the port of Olbia one cannot help but notice the many beaches of Olbia, frequented by young people and recommended for those looking for entertainment, sports and good drinks!

Continuing sailing south, you will encounter several beaches before arriving at Cape Ceraso, the last point of the Gulf of Olbia coast. Equip yourself with a dinghy, canoe or any means of floatation, to reach the various coves and islets of this amazing place. The Capo Ceraso area allows you to stay the night, because you can always find a place sheltered from any wind.

Keep an eye on the navigation instruments because the coast is very rugged with rocks.

After leaving Cape Ceraso, you will face an imposing rock in the sea, one of the natural wonders of Sardinia, the Island of Tavolara.

Sailing towards Tavolara you will discover the majestic limestone massif seven km long, 800 m wide and 560 m above the sea. The south of the island ends with a long beach where you will find two restaurants, one of which belonged to the King of Tavolara.

Did you know that Tavolara is the smallest kingdom in the world? Ask the locals the story, they will be happy to tell it. In addition to the restaurants you can also visit the cemetery where lies the island's first king.

This bay provides a good base due to the sandy bottom, as well as the possibility of using a pontoon for mooring, even at night, or using one of the dedicated buoys. The northeast coast of the island is reserved for the Italian Navy and therefore inaccessible.

Please see the website of AMP to find out where and how you can navigate safely and in compliance with the area.

Just in front of Tavolara we can find the island of Molara, known for the beauty of its waters. In fact, in the waters to the west of the island you can discover the "pools" of Molara, known for the incredible colour of the water.

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