Island Cruises around the island of Rhodes & other Aegean Islands

Island Hopping

"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life" (Mark Twain)

All of the activities we have to offer helps you enjoy the best the area provides. Jump off the yacht and go swimming or snorkeling. Help your captain with sailing as he gladly explains what he’s doing. Go scuba diving and enjoy underwater fauna and flora. Would you like to try waterskiing, surfing, or would you prefer to try kayaking? Why not try wakeboarding or just simply floating about in the water? The Aegean Sea offers a lot of varied possibilities. There are islands begging to be discovered with perfect beaches made for unforgettable picnics. Visit a historic site or go clubbing… Have a massage or enjoy a relaxing wellness treatment…

Do you dream of enjoying all kinds of activities during your trip? There are a wide range to choose from. Marmaris offers all kinds of water sports and we sail in different bays, so there is always room for fun with the dinghy, the donut, or the kneeboard. Of course, simply relaxing is always an enjoyable activity too! So bring a book or choose one from our ship’s library. Cycling and hiking are possible too. We will just have to put you on land first…

From € 1'984

6 1 Day
Sail - Swim - Snorkel - Relax - Hike - Cycle - Waterski - Wakeboard
Available with 1 yacht
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