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This program is targeted at building collective leadership within and across teams. We focus on enhancing Emotional Intelligence, a critical leadership practice for team members working collaboratively together in an organization, and on Agility in the Moment, which occurs when individuals need to change the way they lead the team following modifications in the office.

We strongly believe that everyone is a leader on board a sailboat or catamaran, whether he/she's the helmsman, the navigator, the wincher, or the lookout. Through hands-on experience of learning how to navigate through changing conditions, guests will make atively contribute in inspiring one another to apply different leadership agility practices according to each dynamic with the aim of reaching the ultimate goal.

Leaders will emerge through the application of leadership agility practices, resulting in the following business benefits: faster and more efficient communication, greater trust and an increased number of business improvement ideas.

Full of adventure, this program ensures participants the development and growth of their leadership agility practices, which will be highly beneficial in thier social and professional life.

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