Singapore to Bintan Islands

Singapore Island Hopping

Visit Bintan Island, a very elegant location very close to Singapore

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Bintan Island is the largest among the 3,200 islands within the Riau Archipelago, located only 30 nautical miles from Singapore, making the island very close. There are a lot of luxurious resorts perched on white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, Bintan is a popular choice for a short getaway among many Singaporeans.

While most travel by ferry and spend most of their time lepak-ing (Malay for 'chilling out') within their resort, we will take you to the less traveled islands surrounding Bintan, where you can swim, snorkel and kayak at your own pace.

All of this will happen on board an incredibly luxurious catamaran where tasty meals will be served every day and the crew will assist you all day, every day. 



  • Depart from ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore for Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia (~3 hours) 
  • Port, immigration and customs clearance 
  • Depart from Nongsa Point Marina for Pulau Mapur (~10 hours)
  • Arrive at P. Mapur in the evening


  • Sunrise & swimming, snorkeling, kayaking at P. Mapur

  • Visit to local village at P. Mapur
  • Depart from P. Mapur for P. Beralas (White Sands Island) (~2 hours)
  • Arrive at P. Beralas in the late afternoon
  • Dinner on board or at the beach bar on P. Beralas 


  • Check out the baby sea turtles at Pulau Beralas

  • Swimming, kayaking at Pulau Beralas
  • Depart from Pulau Beralas to Nongsa Point Marina (~8 hours)
  • Seafood dinner & overnight at Nongsa Point Marina


  • Port, immigration & customs clearance

  • Depart from Nongsa Point Marina back to ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore (~3 hours)
  • Optional: Swimming and kayaking at Southern Islands, Singapore before heading back to ONE 15 Marina Club

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8 4 Days
Start from Singapore and visit the Bintan Islands
Available with 3 yachts
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