Singapore to Anambas Islands

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Explore the Anambas Islands on board an amazing crewed luxury catamaran

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Located 180 nautical miles northeast from Singapore, the Anambas Islands are a secluded archipelago of beautiful pristine islands. A visit to the Anambas Islands will instantly relax your soul and make you forget about the crazy schedule of daily life.

As it is not easily accessible, the Anambas Islands is under the radar of holidaymakers and we literally saw no one while we were there. As such, it is considered one of the most highly rated destinations for experienced sailors and divers all over the world.

The 255 islets seem to emerge from the sea out of nowhere, providing a lovely panoramic view of blue seas and lush green islands speckled with azure lagoons. The under water is even more beautiful, with colourful coral reefs and a variety of marine life perfect snorkelers and divers.



  • 6am Depart from ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore for Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia (3 hours)

  • 9am Arrive at Nongsa Point Marina for port, immigration and customs clearance

  • 12nn Depart from Nongsa Point Marina for Anambas Islands (30 hours)


  • 6pm Arrive at first stopover: Pulau Ritan, Anambas Islands

  • Night dive (optional, Advanced Open Water certificate required)

  • Overnight at Pulau Ritan


  • Morning dive (optional, Open Water certificate required)

  • Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding

  • 3pm Depart from Pulau Ritan to Lintang Islands (2 hours)

  • 5pm Arrive at Lintang Islands

  • Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding

  • Overnight at Lintang Islands


  • Morning dive (optional)

  • Island hopping via dinghy to different beaches of the islets

  • Take a walk along the beach and look out for giant clams washed ashore and hermit crabs crawling on the sand

  • Explore the islet by foot

  • Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding


  • 3am Goodbye to Anambas Islands & Depart for Nongsa Point Marina, Batam (30 hours)


  • 9am Arrive at Nongsa Point Marina for port, immigration & customs clearance

  • 1pm Depart from Nongsa Point Marina back to ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore (3 hours)

  • 4pm Arrive at ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore

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