Singapore to Badas Islands

Singapore Island Hopping

Enjoy an amazing 7-day trip sailing from Singapore to the Badas Islands

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The Badas Islands are a cluster of islands 230 nautical miles from Singapore. The archipelago is very remote and it is still uncharted on our navigation system and inaccessible to most tourists, as there are no ferries that travel there. This makes the experience even more unique. 

Due to the lack of tourists and the secluded location, the Badas Islands boast of abundant marine life and untouched, colourful corals, which literally feels like you're diving in a massive aquarium with 20 metres visibility. We highly recommend this itinerary as we have never experienced such amazing underwater scenery in our lifetime. Everything is perfect here, from the beautiful islands with beautiful beaches to the crystal clear water to the prestine marine life.



  • 12nn Depart from ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore for Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia (3 hours) 
  • Port, immigration and customs clearance & Dinner at Nongsa Point Marina
  • 12mn Depart from Nongsa Point Marina for Badas Islands (30 hours)


  • Sailing to Badas Islands

  • Eat, sleep, fish, sail


  • 6am Arrive at P. Pejambu, a small uninhibited island with a sandy beach and short rocky cliff

  • Trekking up the cliff top for beautiful aerial view of the sea
  • 12nn Depart from P. Pejambu for P. Tebon (1 hour)
  • 1pm Arrive at P. Tebon
  • Snorkeling, diving and kayaking at P. Tebon
  • Island tour of local fishing village and beaches at P. Tebon
  • Overnight at P. Tebon


  • 9am Depart from P. Tebon for P. Pinang Serebu  (2 hours)

  • 11am Arrive at P. Pinang Serebu for snorkeling & diving (this is where it feels like an aquarium with 20 metres visibility) 
  • Island tour of local fishing village at P. Pinang Serebu
  • Overnight at P. Pinang Serebu


  • 11am Depart from Badas Islands for Nongsa Point Marina, Batam (30 hours)

  • Eat, sleep, fish, sail


  • 5pm Arrive at Nongsa Point Marina

  • Seafood dinner & overnight at Nongsa Point Marina, Batam


  • Breakfast & lunch at Nongsa Point Marina, Batam 

  • Port, immigration & customs clearance
  • 1pm Depart from Nongsa Point Marina back to ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore (3 hours)
  • Arrive at ONE 15 Marina Club, Singapore in the late afternoon

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8 7 Days
Visit Badas Islands
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