Diving in Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands Snorkelling & Diving

Turks & Caicos Group Scuba Diving Charters depart from the marina each day and the Captain gauges the weather and wind exposure; he (the captain) will bring divers to “best choice” dive-site of the day… French Cay or West Caicos Island (more than 3 dozen dive sites), The Channel (more than 12 dive sites), SouthWest reef (more than 10 dive sites), Sand Spit, etc.

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Boats depart the marina at approximately 8:45 AM for two tank excursion. Groups are open to beginners through experts, and once onboard our dive-masters will segregate various divers into applicable groups or partners (partner diving is welcome). Beginner divers will get the needed attention and devotion from a friendly and willing dive-master whom will help you from beginning to end (equipment organization and setup, water entry, during dive); while experienced and advanced divers will get the freedoms they desire from our knowledgeable dive masters (or they can partner amongst themselves).

These daily trips typically last about 5 hours, and the boats typically return to the marina at about 2:30 PM (add some additional time for the bus to take you back to your hotel).

Turks & Caicos Group Scuba Diving Charters
Typical diving is on the edge of the Turks and Caicos bank (a 40 mile flat plateau) whereby the water depth is about 45 feet where the boat anchors, with a short path to “the walls” whereby the depth drops from 45 feet to 6000 feet. It is at this juncture where the wall meets the plateau (bank) that the tides wash out all the natural live sediment over the edge, and where there is live sediment, there are huge coral formations, giant pools of tropical fishes, and many larger species too (reef shark, nurse shark, sting ray, eagle ray, turtles). The Turks and Caicos walls are some of the finest diving in the World.

Dive Package
All Trips Include: Transfers to Marina, Soft Weights, Belt, Tanks, Lunch & Drinks

2 Tank Dive – $140.00
Observer – $75.00
Private Guide – $225.00

Rental Gear
BCD $10
Regulator $10
Wetsuit (Shorty Long Sleeves, 3mm) $10
Any 2 Pieces From Above $18
Full Set-Up (without Computer) $25
Wrist Computer $10
Mask, Snorkel & Fins (Complimentary on all dive trips) -

These trips can be tailormade, please enquire for individual pricing, duration and routes. Pricing will be adjusted according to these factors.

From $ 279

2 5 hours
Snorkelling Gear
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