French Cay - a Bird and Iguana Sanctuary

Turks and Caicos Islands Stunning Nature

French Cay is a Bird and Iguana Sanctuary located 17 miles South of Leeward Marina.

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This small Cay was used in the 17th century by a French Pirate “Francis Lollonois” to ambush Merchant or Spanish ships. We will tell you some History of the Real Pirates of The Caribbean. French Cay is a Beautiful Pristine and remote Cay that is now a Bird and Rock Iguana sanctuary. French Cay offers spectacular snorkeling in crystal clear blue water, with large formations of Elkhorn Corals and a great chance to swim with Eagle Rays. As it is a Nature reserve we are only allowed to walk along the beach, and we will take our Lunch aboard our yacht. A Real Fantastic destination!

A Note From The Owner:

“I have been cruising these islands for over 3 decades taking groups Diving and Exploring and up to this day ‘French Cay’ is definitely my favorite Remote island to visit. It has the combination of Preserved Nature, wilderness, Peace and Total Exclusion from civilization! I always like to Call it the Little ‘Caicos Galapagos Island’ if you ever have the chance to visit, you’ll probably feel the same way.”

Fifi – Your Host Captain & Owner Operator

9AM to 4PM or 10AM to 5PM

Luxury Cruising – Snorkeling – Beach Break


Local Caribbean Lunch
Fresh Fruit Platter


Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Local Beer, Captain’s Special Homemade Rum Punch
Soda & Bottled Water


Starts at USD 4'180 / day for 4 people. Additional USD 100 per person. 10 guests maximum. The pricing depends on the yacht, please enquire regarding your preferred dates and we will let you know which yachts are available.

From $ 3'762

4 1 day
Bird and Iguana Sanctuary
Snorkelling Gear
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