Rabi Island

Rabi Island Island Hopping

Discover the most idyllic tropical bay on Rabi Island.

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Turquoise water over vibrant corals with a white sand beach, volcanic rock outcroppings poking out of lush jungle with swaying palms and a couple of palm-thatch huts in the middle to complete the tropical picture. Rabi Island is a place that time never reached and the few native islanders live a simple subsistence lifestyle here. Kayak the bay, head out on the SUP, snorkel the reef, or if you're lucky, ride that elusive northern reef break. Rabi is a special place where you may want to spend more than one night soaking in the beauty and serenity of this picturesque bay.

Many bespoke itineraries are available exploring hidden gems in Fiji. There are over 330 islands to discover and our experienced crew is happy to help you to design your tailor made cruise. Rabi Island is an afternoon sail away from Buca Bay or the Ringgolds and available in day, overnight or week-long charter itineraries.

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