Cozumel Island Cruise, Mexico

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El Cielo Cozumel tour description
Our personal favorite!

Experience the amazing and secluded “El Cielo” (Heaven beach), a large area of waist-deep, crystal clear turquoise water of Cozumel Island.

Leaving the Puerto Aventuras Marina we cross over to the southern part of Cozumel Island, where we stop at the amazing “El Cielo”. This beautiful area boasts waist-deep turquoise water and is ideal for snorkeling and swimming excursions. Enjoy snorkeling with turtles and colorful, tropical fish while we serve freshly made shrimp and fish ceviche, refreshments or a deliciously cold margarita! Later, we prepare cheeseburgers while you relax and enjoy the mesmerizing “El Cielo” view.

If you enjoy fishing this is the perfect tour for you! Your catch will be prepared on-board with our chef’s secret family sauce.

The tour includes an open bar with tequila, rum, vodka, Mexican beer, bottled water, soft drinks, and juice. We also serve chips and other snacks.

Towels, snorkel, and fishing gear are included on the tour.

Our open bar includes
We often have people asking us if there is enough alcohol in our Open Bar and we always respond with a clear YES
There is plenty of beer and liquor for even the most thirsty groups.
We also have plenty of bottled water, mineral water and soft drinks for people that do not wish to drink alcohol.

From $

10 1 Day
Snorkeling - Towels - Meal - Open Bar - Fishing Gear
Available with 6 yachts
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