2 Hour Cruise Dubai

Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai, UAE City & Landmarks

Two hours cruise will allow you to cruise around the Palm Jumeirah and have some memorable pictures.

This amazing tour allows for the visit of the lovely Palm Jumeirah. Thanks to a 2 hour boat ride, our guests will have the possibility of seeing the attraction from a unique perspective; from the sea. 

Hop on board one of our majestic yachts and visit the Palm Jumeirah, the artificial archipelago that extends into the Persian Gulf.  Here, you will be able to breath the luxury that resides inside this fantastic Palm shaped islands, where hotels, villas and restaurants will be visible from the yacht. Take a lot of pictures, as this tour will give memories that will last a lifetime. 

From € 1'312

20 2 Hours
Visit the Palm Jumeirah
Available with 2 yachts
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Md 400 b2