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Get more out of your boat and connect with boat renters around the world

If you’re wondering, ‘Is there a better way to rent my boat out?’ we’d love you to join our community of professional owners. Boataffair can connect you with our global network of carefully selected renters, making yacht rentals and boat rental by professional owners reassuringly easy, reliable, efficient and hassle free.

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How does it work ?


Create Your Profile

  • Creating a profile takes less than a minute
  • We recommend you spend another minute or two to add personal information, including your photo, a few words about yourself and languages you speak to build trust with our boat renters
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Create an attractive boat listing

  • We have made sure that the whole boat listing process can be done in one page to make it as easy as possible for you to list
  • Once it is complete, you can preview your listing and set seasonal prices and availabilities

Confirm your bookings

  • Interested renters can message you either via our in-built messenger function or send a booking request
  • Review your renters, ask questions where necessary and when happy, accept the booking
  • Manage all rental requests in one place via your personal dashboard
  • Write reviews
  • You are in full control of the process