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EUCoLab was founded by a collection of like minded companies who believe that co-operation and exchange of ideas are paramount to accelerating the development of the collaborative economy in Europe. The Forum brings together leading collaborative economy companies and European policymakers to discuss the current and future regulatory landscape of the collaborative economy. Through a continuous programme of exclusive roundtables, special projects, research and campaigns, EUCoLab creates a space for open dialogue to foster greater understanding of our platforms and their role in Europe’s digital transformation.

Reserve and pay for guest berths with the free Harba Mobile App!

Harba allows you to easily pay for berth or mooring. You just dock, pay through your phone and get all the codes and information you need to use the facilities of the harbour. Several marinas even allow you to book spots in advance through Harba. When you reserve a spot you will get a map with an overview of the harbour. Harba’s main goal is to make life easier for both sailors and harbour personnel. Sailors have an easy overview over the harbours and marinas in Northern Europe from our integrated map and can choose the harbour they want to go to.


Live for a month or make it your life, we at Gogo Places help you find new places to call "home". Discover beautiful vacation homes with us to make living an adventure!
We are enabling people to experience living in places they might not have known existed, for a fraction of what they’re paying at their current “homes”. In addition, we are enabling homeowners to earn additional income with their homes.

SkippersReview.com is a FREE resource that helps you find the best local marine service providers wherever your vessel may be. SkippersReview.com is a destination website to find great resources to make your boating lifestyle easier, less stressful, and overall more fun! The concept behind Skipper’s is to build a community of boating enthusiasts who recommend, review, and communicate with each other, ultimately building the largest and most trusted boating community online! So join the Skipper’s family, have fun, and share your reviews and experiences. Be part of making SkippersReview.com a great destination for your boating friends!

Insurance for the sharing economy. We want to dramatically improve the way that insurance is distributed, discovered, and consumed. We’re defined by our sense of urgency and dedication to innovation. GUARDHOG was created as a reaction to a gap in the market; traditional models of insurance simply don’t fit the sharing economy. We know this gap will be filled so speed and strength of execution are vital. Our sense of urgency is simply a reflection of our understanding that the sharing economy is an ever-changing market.