Never ending experiences in Nettuno, Italy

19.01.2018 Alex Yellop

Welcome back to Boataffair blog where we continue our ongoing series into the exciting countries where we operate and go beyond the guide book with local, authentic experiences curated by our boat owners. In today’s post we head past Rome and to Nettuno and the beautiful, sights and sounds of this stunning region and historic port. Dating back to the 13th century, Nettuno (some believe that it is named after the Roman god of the sea Neptune) has attracted visitors all over the world for centuries. We jump on board with our local boat owners and discover authentic experiences in this amazing part of the world.

Nettuno is located on Italy’s east coast in the region on Lazio and is some 60 km from Rome. A popular year round tourist destination, the beautiful city is known for its well preserved old quarter, stunning architecture welcoming and warm climate and culinary delights. Nettuno is not just famous for its exciting and interesting city, indeed, Nettuno is an ideal place to rent a boat and discover the Italian coast. Head just around the corner from the famous Palazzo Pamphilj, the historic plaza that dates back to the 15th century, and you will find the marina with boats to rent in Nettuno by our local community of boat owners.

Rent a boat in Nettuno with Boataffair

When you visit Rome, why not make it more adventurous and take the boat out - combining the ancient city exploring with some fun on the water. Nettuno is an ideal location to rent a boat for families, a romantic getaway for couples of a long weekend with a group of friends. What makes boat rentals in Nettuno unique is that whether you have two days or two weeks, there is always something to see and do! We know from experience that those who stay for two days wish it was two weeks! Nettuno is easily accessible from flights to Rome and in no time you will leave the hustle and bustle of Rome and arrive on the tranquil and old timely streets of Nettuno.

We spoke to our local captains who suggested three itineraries for those looking to rent a boat in Nettuno. After much discussion, these three ideas were top of the list of what to experience in Nettuno with Boataffair.

Sail to the bay of Naples from Nettuno

Discover secluded spots, fine eateries and beautiful land and seascapes as you sail from Nettuno to Naples. Along the way moore in secluded bays overlooking breathtaking mountains, enjoy rugged unspoilt scenery at your only leisure staying over in local marinas and harbours enjoying all that the east cost can offer. And from Naples….

Bay of Naples

Visit the islands of the Bay of Naples

Arrive in style to Naples with Boataffair and stay in one of 10 marinas that surround this historic city. After spending the evening, or a few days enjoying the sights and boutiques of course, in Naples set sail for adventure and explore the islands at the bay of Naples. Visit the chic island of Capri with the famous Blue Grotto, Phlegraean Islands  of FIschia, Procida, Vivara, and Nisida and island hop across these charming locations full of beaches, hiking opportunities or just unwind.

Sail to the Pontine Islands

Get back in touch with nature and sail to the Pontine Islands (Ponza, Ventotene, Palmarola) from Nettuno. Situated around 50 km from the city, the Pontine Islands are known for their unspoilt, enchanting natural beauty. Explore Roman and Pre-Roman sites and moore in the old harbours that populate these charming islands.

For more information on renting a boat in Nettuno or just to say hello! View our boat listing of boats to rent in Nettuno. Renting a boat is easy with Boataffair, simply choose your boat, select the dates and book. Contact the boat owner directly via built in messenger function (before, during or even after the booking) to start planning your experience and get set for an adventure of a lifetime.

Never ending experiences in Nettuno, Italy
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