Escape the Tourist Crowds! Enjoy an Unforgettable Private Luxury Yacht Charter

26.04.2023 Adrian Walker
Private crewed luxury yacht charter
Are you tired of the same old vacation spots and tourist crowds? Ready to explore something different and luxurious? Look no further than a crewed luxury yacht charter from Boataffair! Set sail on an unforgettable private holiday away from it all. With your own floating villa, you can visit hidden bays, cultural sites, and so much more! Experience privacy, comfort and convenience with Boataffair’s superior services for yacht charters worldwide. Come aboard for an experience like no other — escape the bustle of city life by setting off on an exquisite adventure that will stay in your memories forever.

A Comprehensive Guide to Chartering a Yacht

01.02.2023 Adrian Walker
Catamaran Charter Caribbean
Planning a yacht charter vacation is an exciting way to explore the world’s most secluded and stunning destinations in luxurious comfort. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide how to begin. Here at Boataffair, our yacht broker experts are here to help you navigate this journey and ensure that your dream of sailing the seas in style turns into a reality. From picking the right yacht for your needs to understanding all costs involved, here’s a complete guide to planning a luxurious yacht charter vacation that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Memoires USVI Charter Yacht Show 2022

20.01.2023 Adrian Walker
We have had the most beautiful time at the USVI Charter Yacht Show last November 2022. As part of our quality commitment to our clients, at Boataffair we know our yachts, crew and yacht managers, where we have built strong relationships over the years and know exactly what we offer to our guests. Our CEO Adrian Walker visited the show and met with the crew and management companies of the beautiful catamarans on display, attended the 40th AGM of CYBA and enjoyed a unique half day familiarization trip on one of the yachts. All under the basking Caribbean sunshine, taking in the local sounds and tastes as well as the mesmerizing landscape and beaches the island of St. Thomas has to offer. 

How to choose a yacht charter broker. Why - style platforms do not work for clients looking for a quality yacht holiday

27.10.2022 Natalya Walker
Why choosing wisely whom you charter with pays off. The yacht charter market existed for many years and has seen immense growth in the last decade. There are traditional charter brokers, usually offering charter services in a specific geographical area/location and getting the right boat for the clients from a wide variety of fleet operators in that specific region. New types of companies have entered the market too – online booking portals, trying to emulate what did for the hotels. These online platforms advertise tens of thousands of boats, cheap prices, and fast online booking. They are usually fuelled by huge venture capital investments and invest in google ads aggressively. The idea behind these platforms is to become so big, that they will eventually dictate the prices of the fleet operators and completely take the traditional charter brokers out of business. What is happening, however, is that in pursuit of volume and growth, these online portals completely sacrifice quality. If a traditional broker knows all the fleet operators, and their yachts and understands the quality of their offering – the online platforms have none of this knowledge whatsoever. The online platforms boast the number of boats they can offer, which is very counterintuitive. It is a job of a professional broker to filter out which yachts are good and which yachts are not. This is why clients go to the professional broker – for their specific knowledge. Therefore, the claims by the platforms are not something clients should look out for. Quantity over quality is not good for the clients or for the industry players, who work hard to make sure clients have the best time. Whilst traditional brokers are often limited by the geographical location they can offer yachts in, they can offer their knowledge of that area. Online platforms boasting 20’000 -30’000 yachts have no clue about who manages these yachts, in what condition they are, and what crews operate these boats. All of this means the client may be buying a cat in a bag. We have heard funny stories from the fleet operators, when the employees of these platforms would call them and will have no idea about the most basic things, such as the difference between a motor yacht and a sailing yacht. This is, indeed, very worrying. Customer service is limited to getting the booking confirmed and then the client is on their own. What does this mean for the clients? Yes, they may get a yacht slightly cheaper from such a platform, but it is a game of chance if the boat is good, if the crew is good and, in some cases, if the boat is even there when you arrive at embarkation. This is one of the reasons in the last few years many such platforms came and went out of business. Thousands of one-star reviews speak volumes. After all, it is not a hotel you are booking and style platforms do not work for the highly personalized yacht market, where in-depth knowledge proves crucial. A yacht holiday is a delicate and highly personal product. So much knowledge goes into putting a trip together to ensure it matches what the clients are after. Starting from what area you are looking to charter in, what type of yacht works for your group, to budget and preferences regarding the type of activities you want on board and onshore. The crew can make or break a yacht holiday. Therefore, it is crucial to know that the crew you are getting will be knowledgeable, discreet, and professional in client service. How to choose whom to charter a yacht with? What to look out for when chartering a yacht? How do I know that I will have customer service not just at the point of booking, but before, during, and even after my charter? These are all excellent questions clients need to ask and understand. Here are a few things to look out for when looking for a good quality charter experience.

Luxury Yacht Charter Lake Lucerne Switzerland

10.08.2022 Adrian Walker
Situated in the heart of Europe and in central Switzerland, Lake Lucerne offers the perfect destination for a boat trip for families, couples and friends. The lake is special because it has a very unusual shape, with bends and turns and four arms. A yacht charter on Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee in German) boasts wonderful views of the Swiss mountains, such as the famous Rigi and Pilatus. The lake is also well-known for the popular and famed cities Lucerne and Weggis, which are the sites of Switzerland’s oldest history.

Our Top Charter Yachts at the 7th Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplion, Greece

08.06.2022 Adrian Walker
The 7th Mediterranean Yacht Show at the beginning of May 2022 was as successful as expected! The exhibition saw the port of Nafplion, Greece, filled with much energy and enthusiastic participants. Team Boataffair explored the outstanding selection of luxury crewed yachts, getting to know captains and the yachts’ crew members. We could all feel and see the signature hospitality that Greece is known for.

Island Hopping in Greece and Croatia

18.05.2022 Fiona Mokry
Top European destinations like Greece and Croatia have plenty to keep you busy on the mainland, however both nations boast an abundance of breathtaking islands begging to be explored. Ferries can take you to a number of popular islands, but if you want to see multiple islands in a short time period or crave secluded bays without the crowds, a yacht charter is the best way to maximize your holiday.   

Ukraine Needs Your Help

08.03.2022 Natalya Walker
Ukraine Charities
We are incredibly saddened and shocked by the war in Ukraine. We have family, good friends & team members there. We cannot believe how their world and the life of everyone has changed in just one week. Boataffair condemns in the strongest terms the Russian invasion. We want to help. Please see the resources we compiled below.

How to Choose a Family Yacht Charter

24.11.2021 Fiona Mokry
Four children running along a beach, laughing and holding hands
A yacht holiday is not just for adults! Did you know the whole family can vacation in style with a family yacht charter equipped with all the comforts of home, entertainment for the kids and - of course - exclusive perks for the parents. Here’s your guide to booking your family yacht charter with Boataffair:

How To Plan the Perfect Yacht Birthday Party

16.09.2021 Fiona Mokry
Sun setting over island mountains, yacht dining table in foreground
Celebrate your most stylish birthday yet with an unforgettable yacht birthday party. Read our tips on how to plan for hosting a birthday party on a yacht Whether your ideal celebration includes a large group of friends, a family gathering, or a romantic day with your partner, a yacht birthday party ensures the day goes down as one of the best birthdays in history. Boataffair can help you throw the perfect yacht birthday party - from the planning to the location - and will make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.
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