Our premium yacht charter operations are growing

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17.05.2019 Adrian Walker

Our yacht charter operations 2019 are in full swing. Our team and customer service managers are busy around the clock. We can't express how delighted we are that clients & partners acknowledge our attention to detail and our high quality...

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Boat Swapping - For a better Way to Travel

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01.05.2019 Adrian Walker

Boat Swapping is a first for the sailing world as a true sharing option for private boat owners. The yachting industry, in general, is still catching up with modern technology and trends. Many myths still exist in the market. In this blog post we...

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To be or not to be. Offline.

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21.03.2019 Adrian Walker

Our Head of Community Emilia Biala did what most of us would never have the courage to do: She went offline for 10 days straight! Read her fascinating and revealing story below and do a little fact check: How toxic have your internet habits...

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A Taste of Paradise. The Vision we Create in our Minds.

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25.02.2019 Adrian Walker

Let me take you on a journey. A time and space journey. One of the first colorful TV advertisement I watched and was impressed by it so much that I still remember the vision it made in my little kid’s head was… Bounty. Yes, coconut-chocolate bar....

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Boataffair is all about connection. A client story in the Bahamas.

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19.02.2019 Adrian Walker

This is the incredibly story of one of our clients who booked with us last week. Lea & Charles Maxwell chartered a Lagoon 39 in the Bahamas with us and then the most incredible thing happened. To say thank you, Lea wrote a blog post about us...

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Bringing marine navigation out of the dark ages

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31.01.2019 Natalya Walker

Stepping out of the dark   Over the past few decades’ advances in technology have been astounding. It seems everything’s turning “smart”, your watch now talks to you, your phone pays your bills and your car can park itself....

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The Man and the Sea - how Stories become Part of you

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21.01.2019 Adrian Walker

A blog post by Emilia Biala. Everyone has their story to tell. Story to share. Story that becomes part of you and guides you further. In the time when there was no GPS, sailors had to know how to read the stars to guide them.  Maybe now...

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How Freediving creates Mindfulness. Learn from our Head of Community Emilia Biała

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12.12.2018 Adrian Walker

Learn how Emilia fell in love with the element of water, how she discovered freediving as a sport and as a meditation tool. For many of us, free diving sounds scary - you dive very deep while you hold your breath. For Emilia it represents freedom...

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Adrian on the Dan Kuschell Show. How to grow a startup? A sneak peek behind the scenes.

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13.11.2018 Adrian Walker

Do you have a startup company that you are trying to grow, but find yourself stretched for time while trying to navigate a profitable business, and have a happy and healthy personal life? Many would say that we can’t always get what we want, but...

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Interview with Katharine Pooley - prominent luxury interior designer from London

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22.10.2018 Natalya Walker

In today’s blog, we speak to one of the most lauded luxury interior designers in London, Katharine Pooley about her love of travelling and what to consider when designing the interior of your boat.  

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