Corona Virus outbreak and what it means for your international travel and holidays

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09.03.2020 Natalya Walker
Over the course of last month, the world news was dominated by the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Cases have been recorded in many countries with a few areas being particularly badly affected such as China, Japan and Italy. You now...
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Boataffair awarded 'Best Luxury Yacht Charters Europe 2019'

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13.12.2019 Adrian Walker
We are over the moon to be closing 2019 in style. We have won the award 'Best Luxury Yacht Charters Europe 2019' by prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The award is upported by brands like Audi, PwC, UBS among others. We are glad to see that our...
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Understanding the price of your yacht charter and how to avoid hidden costs

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03.10.2019 Natalya Walker
In the yacht charter market, unless you have rented a boat at least once before or better yet a few times (or you work in the industry), understanding and comparing yacht prices can be tricky. Especially when you are bombarded with advertising...
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Combining yacht charter with villa and hotel stays for luxury Island travel

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27.09.2019 Natalya Walker
LIT & Boataffair: travel design you want to try for your next holiday Recently we announced a partnership with boutique travel agency Luxury Island Trips by Exotiktraveler. Now we can offer our clients even more luxury experiences...
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Boating holiday or your first yacht charter – what to pack and what to expect

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03.09.2019 Natalya Walker
You booked your yacht charter holiday, you discussed the itinerary and noted down the experiences you will be including in your boating holiday. If this is your first time (or even if it is not), here are a few things to help you get ready for the...
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How to choose the right boat for your next yacht charter

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20.08.2019 Adrian Walker
One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to choose the right charter boat for your next holiday. In this article we will help you understand some of the main differences between catamaran charter, motor yacht charter or sailing yacht...
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How to book a yacht experience? Yacht booking made easy – 3 steps & a personal human touch

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19.07.2019 Natalya Walker
Very often we find that people have a misconception about how accessible a yachting holiday really is. Yacht charter is not just for celebrities or avid sailors – a boating holiday is in fact a perfect adventure for anybody bored & tired of a...
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A Price Comparison: Holidays aboard a Catamaran vs. a Hotel Suite in Sicily (Aeolian Islands)

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10.07.2019 Adrian Walker
In this blog post we compare a one week holiday in a spacious hotel suite, with a comfortable catamaran cruise for a family of four based on two adults and two kids. 7 nights in May.
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Our premium yacht charter operations are growing

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17.05.2019 Adrian Walker
Our yacht charter operations 2019 are in full swing. Our team and customer service managers are busy around the clock. We can't express how delighted we are that clients & partners acknowledge our attention to detail and our high quality...
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Boat Swapping - For a better Way to Travel

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01.05.2019 Adrian Walker
Boat Swapping is a first for the sailing world as a true sharing option for private boat owners. The yachting industry, in general, is still catching up with modern technology and trends. Many myths still exist in the market. In this blog post we...
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