We love Cyprus

04.01.2018 Alex Yellop
The gateway between Europe and the Middle East, Cyprus is a country that astounds and charms on every visit. In our ongoing series of country profiles, Boataffair dives into the crystal clear waters of Cyprus and brings you the top spots to visit...
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Cruising the Croatian Coastline

15.12.2017 Alex Yellop
In our latest entry in our new series of country profiles we sail the Croatian coastline and discover the hidden treasures and local delights along the way. With over 1200 islands in the Croatian Adriatic, Croatia is truly a boat renters paradise...
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Experiences created by boat owners – dive in!

13.12.2017 Natalya Walker
At Boataffair we work closely with our boat owners and captains to offer unique experiences crafted especially for each client. We asked our local boat owners to share their wealth of local knowledge and offer the most authentic, unforgettable...
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Say Bonjour to the French Riviera with Boataffair

08.12.2017 Alex Yellop
Continuing our new series of country profiles, we turn the Boataffair blog towards the delights of France, in particular, the spectacular trio of Cannes, Marseille and Montpellier as we offer you the very best in sailing spots and local...
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Visiting Greece by Boat and Get Ready to be Enchanted

27.11.2017 Alex Yellop
Known for its lush climate, beautiful clear waters and over 6,000 islands Greece is one the most popular boating destinations in the world. Discover where to visit and what to do in our second entry to our popular country profile series as we pull...
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Welcome to Cartagena

21.11.2017 Alex Yellop
Boataffair are excited to announce our new series of blogs where we profile the exciting and exotic countries that form part of our global community of boat owners and renters. Each entry will offer a quick snapshot of the country and top tips on...
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Trust is great… but insurance is even better – guest blog by GUARDHOG

10.11.2017 Natalya Walker
It’s no surprise that the sharing economy and insurance go together – after all, sharing is all about using other people’s stuff! GUARDHOG is a trailblazing sharing economy insurance platform, and today we ask CEO and co-founder Humphrey Bowles to...
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Digital nomads and beyond – enriching your life with experiences just got easier and cheaper

25.10.2017 Natalya Walker
You know that feeling of visiting a place for a couple of weeks during your holidays and wishing you can enjoy and experience this lifestyle for a lot longer? Or dreaming about visiting a place you have never visited before and live like a...
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Turning passion for boating into a cool start-up – guest blog by SkippersReview’s founder

09.10.2017 Natalya Walker
Today we are thrilled to be on the Boataffair blog! Like us, Boataffair stands for building trust in the boating community and we are pleased to be here. It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to your audience. is a...
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Changing the PR game for the Sharing Economy - Guest Blog by Rude Communications

29.09.2017 Natalya Walker
Did you know that communications and PR for the sharing economy is different? It makes sense – it’s a new way of doing business – so it requires a new approach. RUDE Communications is the first communications agency with a sharing economy...
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