Trust is great… but insurance is even better – guest blog by GUARDHOG

10.11.2017 Natalya Walker
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It’s no surprise that the sharing economy and insurance go together – after all, sharing is all about using other people’s stuff! GUARDHOG is a trailblazing sharing economy insurance platform, and today we ask CEO and co-founder Humphrey Bowles to...
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Digital nomads and beyond – enriching your life with experiences just got easier and cheaper

25.10.2017 Natalya Walker
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You know that feeling of visiting a place for a couple of weeks during your holidays and wishing you can enjoy and experience this lifestyle for a lot longer? Or dreaming about visiting a place you have never visited before and live like a...
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Turning passion for boating into a cool start-up – guest blog by SkippersReview’s founder

09.10.2017 Natalya Walker
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Today we are thrilled to be on the Boataffair blog! Like us, Boataffair stands for building trust in the boating community and we are pleased to be here. It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to your audience. is a...
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Changing the PR game for the Sharing Economy - Guest Blog by Rude Communications

29.09.2017 Natalya Walker
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Did you know that communications and PR for the sharing economy is different? It makes sense – it’s a new way of doing business – so it requires a new approach. RUDE Communications is the first communications agency with a sharing economy...
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How a boat owner had his first successful rental – a story of an exceptional experience

27.09.2017 Natalya Walker
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This article shows a real example of a successful motor boat rental from the owner - made via Boataffair This article is based on the feedback we had from the boat owner and the boat renters. We feel it will be interesting for people...
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Win with your boat listing. A boat owner’s guide

21.09.2017 Natalya Walker
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Do you know what AirBnB found out very early on that helped their hosts? That just by cleaning your windows when hosting, you as a host, will substantially increase chances to earn fantastic reviews! AirBnB founders discovered, this is the first...
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Are you out of your mind?

12.09.2017 Adrian Walker
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How Eva went from being a Marine Engineer to becoming a full-time sailor in Mallorca. A lesson in mindfulness. As you know we love to share inspirational stories on our boataffair blog. We came across this one via our Instagram channel...
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From assets to experiences: a wacky story of one inspiring entrepreneur

21.08.2017 Natalya Walker
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This summer I met a very inspiring entrepreneur Rob. Rob is British, who now lives in the South of France and runs his business from there. Rob’s story fascinated me, not only because he has changed his life completely 2 years ago, but also how he...
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List your Boat in under 10 minutes. The Boat Owner Journey with Boataffair

11.08.2017 Natalya Walker
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When we started with developing our boutique platform, one of the first questions we asked ourselves together with our developer was ‘how can we make all processes fast, easy and as smooth as possible for our clients to join and use the...
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Our CEO reflects on the hiring process in a startup

03.08.2017 Adrian Walker
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I often ask myself if hiring in a startup is an easy process and how to attract and retain talent. While I believe that having a strong founding team is a prerequisite to gain momentum and attract the attention of the market, the ability to hire...
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