Debunking a myth - how expensive is renting a boat?

09.04.2018 Adrian Walker

Although boat rental is very popular, yacht rental is generally seen as being very expensive. Boataffair boat rental service makes it possible to rent a yacht from as little as €135 per day

“With the cost of boat ownership being really high, many opt to rent boats to enjoy boating hassle-free”

With the cost of ownership being very high, due to factors like crew salaries, maintenance costs and fuel expenses, yacht chartering has become an increasingly common, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy their passion. As a result, the global fleet of boats available for charter is witnessing continuous growth, aided by new regulations that in many cases facilitate the process of making a private yacht available on the charter market. This in turn means that luxury yacht charter prices are coming down.

At Boataffair we specialise in connecting quality boats with renters. We have a large selection of sailing boats, motor boats and catamarans available for charter in more than 18 countries worldwide. With Boataffair, boat owners talk directly to boat renters. This places Boataffair in a very unique position in the market, because rental requests can be be agreed directly between boat owner and renter - without the need to contact a broker as an intermediary. Boat owners now have the chance to maximise their asset’s use without having long periods where their vessel is left in the marina with nobody on board. And anyone looking to rent a boat now has a huge choice at their fingertips. The communication process is fast and reliable. 

How Much to Rent a Yacht? - Maybe less than you think

Our wide selection of boats means that prices vary largely. However, when looking closely at the boats, one thing becomes clear: boat charter can be less expensive than you might think. From the smallest sizes, a day's sailing yacht charter can cost as little as €135, allowing families or groups of friends to enjoy a nice day at sea in a beautiful location like Greece or Croatia. This goes to show how accessible boating is thanks to Boataffair and the concept of the Sharing Economy. Moreover, when considering that the price is often split between all of the passengers, the final cost per person is even lower.

“A person may end up paying as little as € 16 per hour!”

We want to show you another example in a typically expensive country like Switzerland. You can book a day's motor yacht rental in Switzerland for around € 900 a day on the lake of Lucerne. Keep in mind that this beautifully maintained yacht takes 7 guests and you will soon gather that the cost per person is fair. Calculating the hourly rate (assuming you spend 8 hours on the yacht) a person may end up paying as little as € 16 per hour! This yacht is offered by a private boat owner and he will show the guests around the lake flexibly, according to their wishes. A day charter from a traditional boat charter company is more than double this price and offers a lot less flexibility and fewer options to tailor your routes. The Sharing Economy for boats makes our incredibly low luxury yacht charter prices possible! Bear in mind that no compromise on quality has been made here – for these prices you get the best quality vessels, our screening process ensures this.

Therefore, boating, thanks to Boataffair, can be as affordable as a hotel room or a rented house, but it allows magical experiences in locations that cannot be reached otherwise. The question has finally been answered. Renting a boat through Boataffair can cost as little as €135 per day and it can allow for amazing and unforgettable experiences around the world. The idea that chartering boats is extremely expensive is a myth and the Sharing Economy makes boating accessible.

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