Transformational retreat - the inside story

09.07.2018 Natalya Walker

In two previous blog posts, I have written about one of the special experiences Boataffair created for our client. We talked about how it came about, what we did and what adventure looked like.  Now, its time to tell you about the client and her programme. I have interviewed Antonina on the nitty gritty - its a short but fun read. So, take a look, how transformational journeys work. 

1. Tell us a little about the retreat

Sacred Feminine Leadership Academy Adventure is about taking women on an inner as well as, outer transformational journeys. To heal, connect and empower to express their feminine nature.

We believe the world needs more healthy, vibrant and fulfilled women who are comfortable with their femininity and leading from their hearts. You can join the collective through here


2. What is the aim of the retreat

Our aim is to help women transcend their source of pain and make it their superpower! We believe that our pain holds the very key to our liberation. Once you feel safe to look at it, you release yourself from fear, shame and blame that comes you are less than in any way.

Moreover, we want to encourage their self-expression and confidence to create a life + business that not only look good on the outside but feels good on the inside too. When we feel good, it creates a ripple effect on everything and everyone around us.


3. Who is it for?

It is for a woman who has built a life and a career that looks good on the outside, to others. However, deep inside she no longer feels connected to this version of her life.

This incongruence makes her feel like she is lying to others (and herself) about how good she has it, while not being really being that inspired and even bored! 

She longs for adventure and spiritual connection which is really a connection with herself.
She desires to express herself fully and unapologetically.
She wants to build something that combines all her passions and gets her leaping out of bed energy day.

The programme proposed by Sacred Feminine Leadership Academy is suitable for anyone who is ready to begin leading and living purposefully and in a way that honours their value system.


4. Are there any criteria you had for joining?

We wanted to bring together women from different industries and walks of life and even countries, to demonstrate that at the heart of it all, we are all equal. Our innate dreams, wishes and desires are all the same.

The experience is for women of any ages, who are prepared to journey deep into their psyche and uncover the very things that hold them back from truly expressing themselves. We ask that you remain open-minded, curious and trust the process.


5. How did the programme look like – what activities did you focus on 

We wanted the experience to be fun and light, but at the same time allow time +  space for deep self-reflection. The energy work and coaching + mentoring provided actually instigated some deep processing. We visited ancient sites, stopped at different islands, and ever-changing environments ensured that ( the work) never felt intense.  This the shifts were subtle but powerful. Only once the attendees went home did they find out how much things have changed for the better.


6. How did you come up with doing it on the boat and how did you choose the places you visited?

We knew that we wanted this to be a mobile experience for the reasons mentioned above. We also wanted to provide the coaching in a historical context of how the Feminine has evolved through the ages. The boat seemed to satisfy this criterion because it allowed us to move from place to place, visiting ancient, Sacred Sites, in a way that the Ancients themselves would have done it!

Moreover, it provided an element of high touch convenience, whereby you could eat, sleep and enjoy yourself on the boat and arrive to your next destination.

Finally, no WiFi. Need I say more?!


7. What was the feedback from your clients? Were you happy with the results?

My clients were extremely happy with the results. We have had some fantastic feedback on the things that have transpired ON and SINCE the retreat.


8. What’s next? When/where will the next sailing retreat take place and what will be the focus?

Next up is another one, which we will be focusing on Pleasure. How pleasure is an intrinsic part of a woman’s identity and how this was completely taken away from her.  This one will be in France and we are registering interest for next May availability. Get in touch by emailing or What’s Up +447557673716.

Of course, the custom-made experience is available upon request through Boataffair. If you have 3 or more people interested to go on a transformational journey following our steps in Greece ( or any other country for that matter) get in touch and we will be able to offer you something to suit your particular tastes and needs. Email with any questions! 


9. Where can people find more information about the work you do?

I value connection first and foremost. I am active and approachable on my Social Media channels. Start there:

Personal Facebook 

Dedicated Facebook Page Page

Dedicated Facebook Group FB Group


Linked In


10. Why should people join?

Because we spend so much time, effort and yes, money on not loving ourselves, accepting and receiving our feminine nature with not-so-positive results that it is time to try something different. Something that will allow you to reclaim who you truly are on a Soul level.

Join us, why don’t you?

Transformational retreat - the inside story
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