The day I got my boat license

14.09.2018 Carlo Zanon

After months of hard study, I can proudly say that I have a boat license and I can legally drive a boat

After having spent most of my life admiring the beauty of yachts and trying to imagine how it would feel to drive one, this winter I decided to sign up to the boat license course. The excitement was soon replaced by anxiety the moment I saw everything that I needed to know in order to pass the theoretical exam. The syllabus included safety procedures and equipment, collision regulations, sea flags, sound and light signals and cartography. Plus, once the theoretical exam was passed, I had to actually learn how to drive a boat, which is not that easy! After almost 6 months of hard study I was able to finally get my license and I am now legally entitled to drive a boat up to 24 metres to a maximum of 12 miles off the coast.

This is only thanks to the flexibility and understanding of the Boataffair’s founding members that always allowed me to have enough time to prepare and reach this fantastic goal. We are all incredibly passionate about the sea and about yachting, and this is the proof: we stand by each other to be all able to enjoy yachting. Boataffair’s Founder and CEO, for example, has a license too, so we often shared knowledge and experiences on board. He gave me a lot of advice and told me about his experiences, like how he deals with wind and what his preferred speed is. It was truly fantastic, and I can’t wait to be able to take family or friends on board with me, to show them how I drive and to spend amazing days floating on the sea and visiting lovely beaches.

I was able to reach this goal, and I am really happy. I now have boat license and can finally enjoy yachting at its fullest. Next summer I will definitely look through the vast choice of yachts Boataffair offers and organise a trip with family and friends to relax and have fun!

The day I got my boat license
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