Interview with Adrian: How To Figure Out If You’re On The Right Path and Avoid Being Caged

17.10.2018 Adrian Walker

“If you’re open, you’re creative, you wanna go out there and build something, things will happen that you don’t anticipate and doors will open.” – Adrian Walker

Would you walk away from your job, from your career, from your future? Could you throw a wrench in the cogs of your life for the sake of being a better you? Adrian made the big decision to leave a job in corporate finance where he was on pace to be a top 10%-20% earner in Switzerland. The reason? A new passion and skill set for entrepreneurship. Read this short blog and find out more about the podcast "The Process" by Brad Wilson.

With a new startup, if you’re open, creative and you want to go out there and build something, things will happen that you don’t anticipate and doors will open. As people, we have to make the choice to always pursue growth and strive to make ourselves better. We have a responsibility to ourselves to fight the stagnation of life. We must dig deep and find the courage to overcome the obstacles in our path.

Two years ago, if you asked Adrian about his startup Boataffair, he would have told you he would just be happy to have a completed website. An obstacle that so many young startups have not been able to overcome. However, with perseverance, dedication, and determination Adrian and his wife overcame this obstacle and so many others. They diligently worked to block out the noise around them and focus their efforts and energy to build their company.

When asked what advice he would give to others, the response was simple. Stop listening to what other peoples opinions are and do what you think is right and what makes you happy. Ultimately, there are as many opinions in the world as there are people. There is always someone out there who doesn’t agree with you. If you want to be happy, productive, and successful you have to learn to block out all of the noise around you and become mentally invincible.

You’re invited to sit down with Adrian and Brad as they discuss these topics and more in their hour-long discussion. See the link to the podcast here:

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